How to be released from greed? What is real property

◆ The more you know, the less you need.
"The more you know, the less you need."

This is an Australian indigenous saying. It translates directly to "The more you know, the less you need." What do you associate with this word?

I received it as a reminder of the meaning of "richness" that modern people are forgetting. What modern people are falling into is the tendency to forget the possibility of their intangible property and pursue the secondary and external representation of money.

◆ Can't be happy without money?
Money is just a projection. The projection is the projection of the usefulness that has been given to others, the comfort that has been created, and the energy that you can exert. That's why people who are rich aren't good at doing business, they've collected money because they used themselves well.

However, in today's world, people are quickly being sought for results, are competing with others, and are exposed to an environment that is quickly branded as superior or inferior. So they are looking for immediate results, chasing tomorrow's cash, and increasingly eroding their assets.

Because you are in such an ephemeral position, people assume that you will be unhappy if you do not have the money and property you have. But I think they had a completely different interpretation.

◆ The greatest asset is yourself!
The value at the root of richness is human energy, wisdom, and the power to live. Those who have it can overcome the impoverishment and poverty of the moment. It is not the money, etc., but the asset that supports itself.

Those who have escaped a vicious cycle of life relying on food, health relying on eating out, investment depending on products, and business being swung by the external environment will surely have real freedom.

Enhancing your true value will make you happy, even if your savings are less than 1 yen, you are homeless, or you have nothing in the refrigerator. Nevertheless, he guides asset management to be happy, believing it is better to have no money.

Sentence = Kunihiro Kitagawa [money guide]
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