How to bring a small supermarket package to the taste of a famous store / Almost in Shanghai Yuyuan! 100 times more equine. ︎

I can't say that the Chinese ingredients in business supermarkets are fulfilling. Gyoza or Chinese fried bread from ingredientsOil strip [Youtiao], And small basket parcels too!

Frozen small basket parcel of business supermarket which has already established a reputation, but do you know how to make this more delicious? I tried it and did nothing100 times better!AlmostThe taste of a famous store in ShanghaiIt became.

・ Use this when eating!

The name of the famous store is “Nansho Bun Bun”!上海 It is a long-established and representative shop of Shanghai-style small basket parcel founded in 1871. Maybe many people have been to famous Yuyuan stores.

By the way, frozen baskets at business supermarkets are certainly delicious, but how do you get closer to the taste of a famous restaurant? The answer is perfect…… a seasoning!

Generally, in the Greater China, when you eat small baskets, you use black vinegar called "chan vinegar [Shan two]", but ignore that theory! It's familiar with the English gourmet "Fish & Chips"Heinz Malt VinegarIt is. If you put this on a small basket, it will get closer to the taste of small basket in Yu Garden!

When I eat a bit … When I close my eyes, it's up ~ sea ~‼

・ The taste of vinegar in Yu Garden is different from the others

This is probably because the flavor of vinegar on the first floor of the Yuen branch of the Nansho bun is different from the others. Vinegar at Yuyuan branch is more rounded than ordinary vinegar, and its habit is modest. Some of the characteristics are similar to malt vinegar, and when eaten in small baskets, they feel "similar".

Earlier, when I went to the Nanxiang bun shop, the vinegar was shockingly horsey, so I asked the shop in detail. I was told that the vinegar was produced in Jinjiang, Jiangsu Province, but the specific maker and grade were unknown and I was in a stalemate. No way "fish and chips" vinegar. I didn't think they were alike!

・ Must be cooked in a steamer

Heinz malt vinegar can be purchased at imported food stores and online shops. How many small baskets can you eat with this one?

What you want to be careful about to eat more authentic is the recipe. To warmsteamerLet's use Small baskets at business supermarkets can also be eaten with rentin, but if heated in a microwave oven, the skin often does not have a plump texture, which tends to be unfortunate.

Cooking with steamer x malt vinegar. With this alone, the frozen small basket parcel of a business supermarket that is just good will become 100 times more equitable, so if you are interested, please try it.

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