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How to change the "Atsushi Animal Crossing" smartphone case and use My Design-Engadget Japan Version

Introducing how to change the design of your smartphone with Nintendo Switch software "Atsumaru Animal Crossing" [Atsumori]. When you start the game, the smartphone provided from the raccoon can change the design of the case.

Engadget▲ Green smartphone case is delivered from the raccoon early on. I want to show my personality here as well.

There are two conditions for releasing changes.
① Take a workshop on remake experience from Tanukichi
② Rebuild the information center

By satisfying this, you can get a "Smartphone Case Remake Kit" for 1800 miles at Tanuki Port's "Tanuki Mile Exchange" at the information center.

A “Smartphone Case Remake Kit” will be mailed the day after the transaction. With this, select "Remake" on the DIY workbench to change the design of the smartphone case.

The case passed is available in eight colors: green, red, pink, black, white, blue, yellow and beige. In addition, you can also use My Design, so you can color your smartphone with your favorite color and design.

▲ Since the character was dressed in chic shades, I tried to make something "ish" with my design.

▲ It looks like this when worn. Great satisfaction!


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