How to create an organization that drives innovation-CNET Japan Live 2020 kicks off on February 18

ITCNET Japan, an IT business media operated by Asahi Interactive, will be held on February 18-19 for two days [10: 00-17: 20],CNET Japan Live 2020At the Ochanomizu Sora City Conference Center. This theme is "How to create innovation that is indispensable for corporate growth"

登 Participants on the 18th, the first day, include Mitsui Fudosan, KDDI, NTT Communications, Kunier, Sun Asterisk, Spec Holder, Seven Bank, Isetan Mitsukoshi, and LIXIL. The Deputy Mayor of Kobe City and the Deputy Mayor of Shibuya City will also be on stage.

On the 19th, the second day, ANA Holdings, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, WHITE, NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Stockmark, Ignition Point, WHILL, Photosynth, and BONX will be on stage.

CNET Japan Live 2020 "Innovation indispensable for corporate growth"

CNET Japan Live 2020 "Innovation indispensable for corporate growth"

Mitsui Fudosan gave a lecture entitled "Challenge for Bold Innovation. Aiming at Finding and Supporting Innovation Human Resources and Making it Social." Introducing the company's efforts in the real-equity real estate industry, taking into account conflicting concepts such as decision-making, skills, culture, and relationships between existing businesses and innovation.

Mr. Takayuki Yamane, General Manager of KDDI DIGITAL GATE Center, Corporate Strategy Headquarters, will give a lecture entitled “Creating New Value. What is Necessary for an Organization Realizing Digital Transformation”. Introducing KDDI's efforts up to now and examples of co-creation at KDDI DIGITAL GATE, and introduces how to create a "cross-functional autonomous team", the development environment and work style for creating new businesses.

ANA Holdings launched the “Digital Design Lab” as an innovation unit in 2016. Yoshiaki Tsuda, Chief Director of Digital Design Lab, will give a talk on "ANA's future vision for the future" created by ANA, a new venture company.

パ ネ ル In the panel discussion on the first day, Mr. Hidetoshi Terasaki, Deputy Mayor of Kobe City, and Mr. Shin Sawada, Deputy Mayor of Shibuya-ku, entitled "Current Status and Future of Collaboration between Local Government and Private Sector". Ask about the aims of both local governments that have collaborated and partnered with private companies. The moderator will be CNET Japan Editor-in-Chief Ryo Fujii.

Ticket prices are 6600 yen for 1DAY tickets and 11,000 yen for Premier tickets that can be attended for 2 days. Until February 7, Premier tickets can be purchased at an early discount price of 6600 yen. In addition, student discount tickets [2-day tickets] are also sold for 4400 yen.

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