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How to drop Heispe men by Heisspe boys research institute No. 1 What are the criteria and conditions for Heisspe boys?

Nice to meet you! I'm the director of the Hyspe Boys Research Institute. The name of this research institute that is unfamiliar to us, yes, we are a research institute that researches the ecology, romance, and marriage of high-spec boys with an average annual income of 50 million yen.

In this series, hespey's men's research institute (hereafter “hyspe research institute'') researched very hard, answering questions from readers about the rare thoughts and values ​​of highspei men unknown to the world Report

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"I would like to know the criteria for what to become a high spec boy, such as high income and high educational background (Fukuoka prefecture / 27 years old)"

  • What are the criteria and conditions for high-spec boys?

    What are the criteria and conditions for high-spec boys?

In the first place, the high-spec boys we are investigating at Heisspe Research Institute are those who are specifically in their 20s to 40s and have an annual income of 10 million yen or more, and who feel that we have a nice personality as well. I'm doing research.

The percentage of men with annual income of more than 10 million yen in that age was 4% or less (statistical survey on the actual salary of the private sector/National Tax Bureau). It's a very minority!

What kind of work do most men do? Most of them are business owners, investors, office workers (foreign-affiliated companies, major Japanese companies), and sole proprietors. Some men run multiple companies with annual income of 100 million units, while others own a fund and have many homes in Japan and overseas.

There are various types of men who are active in society and earn money. Some men are highly educated and have succeeded in a company that has joined a new graduate, while others have high school graduates and have succeeded as founders by starting a business. Some men are striving to grow their businesses and devote themselves to their jobs, while others spend more than just a few days a month spending more than their annual income on valuing freedom, while others are traveling the world.

Do you think the world in which you live is different? Do you think it's scary? In fact, many high-spec men have a large capacity and are gentle.

They value their own values ​​rather than the common sense of the world, and freely realize their way of earning and their lifestyle. They are professionals who enjoy life! They create their own way of living. It is a reliable existence.

Heisspe Research Institute operates a 96% marriage affairs cram school, but for women who want to make their lives more fulfilling and want to realize their happiness and richness more and more! I feel that energetic high-spec men are just the best partners.

In this series, I'm going to report on "How to encounter a high-spec man" and "How to drop a high-spec man" that I asked the high-spec men themselves! Even those who are looking for a wonderful encounter, rich men's thoughts If you want to touch, please look forward to it!

Yoshizawa Shino

Born in Tokyo in 1985. After graduating from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, he worked as a recruiting corporation and received many awards such as MVP → beauty salon management. The hospitable men's research institute was launched from his hobby, rich ecological research, and 96% of the students were confessed at the prestigious love-marriage activity school. book"Why is she the only one chosen as a high school boy?"(Yamato Publishing)
Hispe Men's Research Institute

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