How to erase acquaintance icons in iOS 13 "Airdro"

The number of iPhone users who use AirDrop is increasing. Although limited to iPhone users, as a guide, anyone within a 10m radius can transfer photos and videos at high speed without consuming packets. It is possible to exchange with people who do not have a contact, so there is the merit that you can transfer documents to the first person you meet without having to give an e-mail address.

The specifications of AirDrop changed slightly in iOS 13. The icon of the person who used the sharing function with AirDrop or the message app is now displayed on the sharing menu (the screen that appears when you tap the (↑) button). At the bottom right of the icon, the icon of the application used for communication is displayed small, so it is also important to remember what you shared.

However, this new specification has some troubles. Anyway, if only the person with whom you interact frequently is displayed, once you interact, it will continue to be displayed, so you will feel jammed. Tapping by mistake can be tedious, so I would like to delete it, but there is no function to delete the icon in the share menu.

Although it is a troublesome new function with a specification that can not be erased, if the application icon displayed small is "Message", you can delete the icon that keeps staying in the share menu by deleting the conversation (talk) that caused it. Since deleted talks can not be revived, it is a method that can not be used if you want to retain the contents of the exchange, but is the merit great if you think that the jammed icons will continue to be displayed?

Easy explanation of operation procedure

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    1 In iOS 13's share menu, icons of people who have shared at least once continue to be displayed

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    Two If the target application is "Message", identify the cause of the exchange (talk) and flick left

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    Three Tap the "Delete" button that appears

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    Four The next time the share menu is displayed, the icon using the share function will disappear

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