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How to prevent erroneous operation during game? 3 tips for safe play: iPhone Tips-Engadget Japan

iPhone TipsDo you accidentally make mistakes during the game? Touch the top of the screen to display the control center, touch the bottom of the screen to return to the home screen … If you get notifications in addition, you can't concentrate on the game at all.

This time, we will show you how to hide the notification and control center for those who want to have fun with the game!

Hide notifications and control center

"Do Not Disturb" is effective to prevent notifications. Originally set during bedtime to prevent sleep from being disturbed by incoming calls, etc., but can also be used during game play.

After you go to "Good night mode" in "Settings", set "Notification" and "Incoming call" items. To turn on sleep mode, go to Control Center and tap the crescent moon icon.

iPhone Tips
▲ Tap "Good night mode" in "Settings". If you set the notification to "Always never notify" and set the incoming call to "Nobody accepts", you will not receive any notifications [left]. Tap the crescent icon in the control center to turn on sleep mode [right]

The control center display can be set from "Control Center" in "Settings". If you turn off "Access while using the app", it will not be displayed even if you swipe the upper right of the screen while using the app.

iPhone Tips
▲ Tap "Control Center" in the "Settings" app [left]. Turn off "Access while using the app" [right]

Set access guide

Still hate to return to the home screen! In that case, use the "Access Guide" function to limit the application to one.

First, go to “Settings” ➡ “Accessibility” ➡ “Access Guide” and turn on the function. The access guide requires you to enter a passcode at the start / end, so let's set it from "Passcode setting".

iPhone Tips
▲ Go to “Settings” ➡ “Accessibility” ➡ “Access Guide” [left]. Turn on "Access Guide" and set a passcode from "Passcode Settings" [right]

To use the access guide, press the side button three times with the application you want to restrict use open, and select "Access Guide" from the menu. If you tap "Start" at the top right and enter your passcode, you will not be able to use any other apps or functions.

iPhone Tips
▲ With the app open, press the side button three times and select "Access Guide"

iPhone Tips
▲ Tap "Start" at the top right of the next screen

To return from the access guide, press the side button three times in the same way and tap "End" on the next screen. After entering the passcode, the access guide ends.

iPhone Tips
▲ Press the side button three times, tap "End" on the upper left, and enter the passcode

iPhone Tips
▲ "Access guide has been completed" is displayed


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