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Change the background design to make it easier to notice misfires

First, we will introduce how to change the background design for each talk room. LINE has a function that allows you to individually set the background of the talk room. Matching backgrounds, such as yellow for friends and green for colleagues, will make it easier for you to notice that the destination is different before sending a message.

To change the background of the talk room, first open the talk room of the person whose background you want to change, and tap the gear icon from the icon at the top right of the screen.

▲ Tap the icon at the top right of the screen [left]. Press the gear icon [right]

Next, select "Background design" and tap "Select design". After selecting the background design on the next screen, the setting is completed.

▲ Select "Background design" [left]. Tap "Select Design". By selecting "Album" below, you can set the image in the "Photos" application as the background [right]

Separate business and private with "Favorites"

If you want to avoid sending private messages to your colleagues by mistake, you can use Favorites. Sorting your family and friends to your "favorites" makes it easier to distinguish them on the "Home" screen.

To register a contact as a "Favorite", select the contact from "Home" and tap the star icon on the profile screen. When you return to "Home", the registered person is sorted in the "Favorites" column.

▲ Open the profile screen of the other party and tap the star icon [left]. The opponent has been assigned to "Favorites". Easier to find someone than from the "Friends" section [right]

Display the other party on the home screen

If you have people to contact frequently, take advantage of the standard "shortcut" app. Just tap the icon displayed on the home screen and the person's talk room will open. You can send messages right away and avoid the mistake of opening the wrong talk room.

Now open the "Shortcuts" app and tap "Create Shortcut". Then select "App" from "Add Action".

▲ Tap "Create Shortcut" from "My Shortcut" of "Shortcut" application [left]. Select "App" from "Add Action" [right]

Next, tap the LINE icon. Choose the people you want to add to your home screen. On the next screen, press the round icon on the top right. Decide the shortcut name and icon on the "Details" screen and "Add to home screen".

▲ Tap the LINE icon and select the person you want to create a shortcut for. Here you can see the names of the people you recently interacted with [left]. Tap "…" at the top right of the screen, then choose a name and icon, then select "Add to home screen" [right]

Set the shortcut name and icon and "Done" to complete the setting. When you tap the icon displayed on the home screen, the talker of the set person opens, and you can exchange messages immediately.


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