How to raise a "earning child" practiced by the rich

What I value in child-rearing is "building a foundation to become a working adult."
◆ The ability to improve from a young age is the ability to earn
"Earning" means "helping people and society", so you need to be able to discover and solve problems in the world. In other words, you need the ability to find issues, the attitude to try new things, and the ability to solve problems.

In addition, you can earn because you realize what you could not do until now, because you have the ability to think with your own head, the ability to make decisions at your own risk, the desire for innovation that is not content with the current situation, It will lead to the “advanced mental power”.

In today's era, children have the Internet, have digital devices such as smartphones, and have SNS from the very beginning, so “connecting to the world” will be a natural value.

This means that you need to be able to communicate with people of different cultures and values, and to have global leadership to lead, bundle and move them. The result is reflected in income.

And if you get these abilities at a higher level, you will be able to overcome most of the problems you face in life and reduce the chances of despair in life.

◆ Earning confidence leads to living confidence
I myself have been a salaried worker for 11 years [2 turnover], 6 years of company management, and now I am working as a sole proprietor. It has been full of twists and turns since I started my business, and I have experienced making and crushing a company many times, and my assets and income have become almost zero.

You've come back from there, and you'll see how you can and can't earn. So now I am confident that whatever I do will work.

Although it was only about 40 years old when she reached this state, it bloomed lately, but now she has no worries and no worries.

Working hours are two to three hours a day, but sales are rising every year, and from a situation like "youthbooks are black, but your passbooks are white", when you are young, "notebooks are white, but bankbooks are black" It was. And at this point, you can no longer give up on something with money.

You can even hire housekeepers and babysitters, so you can create even more time. There is no need to rely on friends, parents, and siblings, and there is no need to worry about getting close to neighbors because security and stockpiling in the event of a disaster are thorough.

What's more, if you earn, you won't care what others say or think. I'm writing a column like this on the net, and sometimes it burns, but I'm not bothered at all.

Even if you get criticized or accused, you can afford to say, "How much do you earn?" [Of course, that's not true].

When you can earn, no one cares about your educational background, and your self-confidence earns you. You can live on your own without worrying about the eyes of others or relying on anyone.

The ability to earn overwhelmingly reinforces the foundation and mentality of life and provides a way of life that focuses only on the fun "present" and the bright "future".

This is true independence and happiness, and I want my child to aim for it.

Reference: "How to raise children who earn 100 million" by Tokio Kodo [Shufu no Tomosha]

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