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How to use Pokemon Home to transfer past Pokemon to the latest Pokemon Sword Shield-Engadget

On February 12, the cloud service "Pokémon HOME" (Pokemon Home) for Nintendo Switch and smartphones has been launched.

“Pokemon Home” is a cloud service that allows you to deposit Pokemon across hardware barriers and exchange Pokemon online, based on the concept of “a place where all Pokemon gather”. In this article, we will provide you with what you can do at Pokemon Home and the impressions you have actually used.

Engadget■ Charging is required to go beyond the hardwareEngadget

There are a free plan and a premium plan for using Pokemon Home. Free plan users are limited by the number of Pokemon that can be deposited. As an important point, if you do not subscribe to the premium plan, you can not use Poke Bank to transfer Pokemon from past works before 3DS.

The premium plan price is 360 yen (including tax, the same applies hereinafter) for one month (30 days), 600 yen for three months (90 days), and 1950 yen for 12 months (365 days).

■ Moving from 3DS to Nintendo Switch
Using Pokemon Home, I moved Pokemon from 3DS's "Pokemon Sun Moon" to Nintendo Switch's latest work "Pokemon Sword Shield" (hereafter, Pokemon Sword Shield).

First from 3DS operation. DL "Pokebank" to 3DS and move from past works such as "Pokemon Sun Moon". The use of "Pokebank" is usually paid, but a campaign is available free of charge for one month from the start of "Pokemon Home" service.

▲ DS software such as "Pokemon Black / White" can be deposited in "Poke Bank" using "Poke Mover".

To transfer Pokemon from "Pokebank" to "Pokemon Home", start "Pokemon Home" on the Nintendo Switch side and get a "Hidden Password".

In 3D "Pokebank", select the box you want to transfer and fill in the 16-character "Hidden Password" to start the transfer. Please note that once you transfer to "Pokemon Home", you cannot return to "Pokebank".

■ Even if there is no 3DS at hand!
Some people may be impatient to say "The service has started abruptly but I can't transfer because I can't find the 3DS!" In fact, even with 3DS pears, you can transfer Pokemon from Poke Bank to Pokemon Home.

If you select "No Nintendo 3DS" on the "Pokemon Home" "Hidden" screen, you can pull out Pokemon from "Poke Bank" with 3DS pear.

In this case, the "Nintendo Network ID" that used "Pokebank" must match the one used on Nintendo Switch.

■ All Pokemon gather …

▲ If you look at the list of Pokemon at “Pokemon Home” with the new UI, it will be exciting.

At the beginning of the article, it was introduced as "a place where all Pokemon gather", but at the moment, not all Pokemon can be played with the latest work.

▲ Pokemon is being transferred from "Pokemon Home" to "Pokemon Sword Shield".

In the above image, Pokemon with a red prohibition mark in the upper right of the icon can not be transferred to "Pokemon sword shield" at present. Also, Pokemon with a yellow surprised mark at the top left remembers techniques that can not be used with "Pokemon sword shield".

▲ Necrozma's “Squeeze” from “Pocket Monster Sun Moon” cannot be used in battle.

▲ Arora Lokon surrounded by legendary Pokemon.

Although there are restrictions on supported Pokemon, high individual value metamon used in the past work can be transferred to “Pokemon sword shield”, so it seems that the selection of ideal individuals will be more efficient. Also, since "Pokemon Sword Shield" allows you to change the character and individual value, it is also a point that you can adjust the legendary Pokemon etc. to the ideal individual in the past work.

I look forward to seeing more Pokémon that can be transferred with future DLC distribution and updates.

■ Cooperation with Poke GO will be implemented in the future
▲ Dr. Orchid presents the first three families.

Pokemon Home apps are distributed on the App Store and Google Play. In the app, transfer from Poke GO is not yet implemented, but it is possible to exchange with Miracle Box or GTS from the app. It seems that you can easily get the Pokemon you want by network exchange from your smartphone on the go.

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