How to use “secret mode” of Google Maps?

"Incognito Mode" has been added to Google Maps. Incognito mode is a state where the results of searches and navigation performed in the app are not saved in the account, and is used when you do not want others to see how you used the app. Basically, it can be thought of as the same role as incognito mode provided in web browsers such as Chrome.

To enable incognito mode, tap the profile icon (your photo) displayed at the right end of the search field, then tap "Turn on incognito mode". Then, the menu bar changes to black, and the profile icon changes to a person wearing glasses wearing a hat.

When incognito mode is enabled, actions on Google Maps such as search will not be saved in Google account, and location history and shared location information will not be updated on the entire Android device. Functions such as the message function, timeline, sharing of current location, recommended information, commuting information, and offline map are not available unless Secret mode is canceled.

If you take this feature in reverse, you can use it not only to save private information but also to not reflect search history and navigation results in "Recommendations". It can be used when you do not want to retain the effects of a one-time search.

In addition, you can continue to use location history for services other than Google Maps, such as Google Assistant, and apps that have access to the location information of the device will continue to work. Note that enabling incognito mode does not make it possible to completely erase the "footprint".

  • How to use `` secret mode '' of Google Maps?

    How to use “Secret Mode” on Google Maps?

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