How to use the lean bonus that rich people are doing

It's time for a bonus. Then, what is the extraordinary income used for? There may be an early repayment of a mortgage loan or a replacement with a new car, but I would like to mention "producing seeds for the future" as one proposal. That is, investing in “what brings future returns”.

◆ Investment in “experience” is not disposable
For example, investing in education for children. However, it is not used for cram schools or winter courses, but for "experiences" that give new stimuli, such as participation in overseas educational programs.

Or invest in yourself. Use it for opportunities to upgrade yourself, such as joining an entrepreneurship school or short-term MBA program.

I value "experience" more than anything, and I am convinced that experience can lead to my growth and self-confidence.

The more you say you haven't done it, the more anxiety you get, but the more you know it, the less your anxiety will be and the brighter the future will be. Only those who say "anxiety is anxiety" have low activity and low experience.

◆ Balancing tax saving and operation
Another possibility is to increase the stake on iDeCo. As the "20 million yen shock in retirement" shook society, it is also effective in taking measures for retirement at your own risk. The premium is deductible from full income, and investment trusts can also be used.

Also, as more companies are lifting their ban on side jobs, let's file a notification of opening a business with the tax office and have a face as a self-employed person. Then you can take out the insurance called Small Business Mutual Aid. Although this is not an operation, the entire premium is deducted from income, and if you cancel, almost all of the premium will be returned.

Both are tax savings for income tax and resident tax.

◆ Stocks and real estate investment also anticipate the “future”
Of course, there are investments in stocks and real estate. However, for example, real estate prices are soaring and yields are falling, so I think that many people find it difficult to find good properties.

Therefore, if you live in a detached house near a train station and have children nesting, there is a method of renovating the unused second floor and attaching external stairs to make it a rental property. Prior confirmation is necessary for remodeling]. Renovation loans are easier to borrow than apartment loans, and in some cases subsidies and tax reductions can be used.

What I'm investing in stocks are US tech stocks. Not only Amazon and Google, but also ride sharing "Uber", workplace messaging app "Slack", and then a private listing agency "Airbnb", which has been pointed out that it may be listed ] "And so on.

Another thing that accelerates my investment is solar power. Unit purchase prices have fallen, but system costs have fallen further. Sufficient profits can be secured through low-pressure overloading [a method of raising the power sales during periods of low power generation by stacking panels with more power generation capacity while maintaining the low-pressure condition of less than 50 kw]. Because.

In this case, even if the purchase contract for 20 years is over, we believe that the possibility of switching to a new electric power retailer and continuing the business will increase.

My example may not be helpful, but how about using "seeding" conscious bonuses?

Sentence = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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