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HP's bargain mobile is greatly enhanced with Ryzen 4000U. ENVY x360 13 2020 edition starts at 94,800 yen

ENVY x360 13

New product group of PC announced by Japan HP on June 29. Among them, one that will be one of Engadget's readers [and the author]'s attention model is the 13.3 inch mobile notebook PC "ENVY x360 13" 2020 model equipped with a 360-degree hinge.

This generation is a model for exclusive use of direct sales on the Web, and it is planned to start selling from the beginning of July, the price is from 94,800 yen [However, direct sales on the Japanese HP have many discount opportunities, so it is a good idea. It may not be].

The series is a mobile notebook PC of the ENVY series, which belongs to the relatively affordable position in the premium class of HP.

Among them, the x360 13 series is a 13.3 inch full HD liquid crystal that can be called mobile, weight of 1.2 kg level, AMD Ryzen series [TDP 15 W version] is adopted as APU [GPU mounted CPU], and mobile note at the time of sale It is a model that gets attention from heavy users because it is the most affordable price among PCs.

Especially in the current model [2019 model], even with the configuration of Ryzen 7 3700U/RAM 16GB/NVMe SSD 512GB, the price of 90,000 yen [excluding tax] was attached at the time of sale,It is also known by some users as "a mobile notebook with affordable human rights [equipped with RAM 16GB]"...

Reference article:

Ryzen 3/8GB/256GB costs 62,000 yen. HP's white porcelain mobile PC gets a special price on weekends [December 2019]

By the way, the feature of the 2020 model announced this time is that the CPU performance is greatly enhanced and the processing speed is increased. Furthermore, the power consumption during idle is reduced, and the LCD screen has a narrow bezel on four sides.

ENVY x360 13
▲ Price and main specifications of the 3 grades released this time [from the sales page on Japan HP]. The point is that the enhancement of the top model is large and the bargain is high.

Regarding CPU performance, it comes from the fact that the installed model became the long-awaited Ryzen 4000U series [= so-called 3rd generation, “Zen 2” CPU core installed version].

Starting with the 8-core 8-thread "Ryzen 7 4700U" adopted in the highest-level configuration "Performance model", the medium-level configuration "Standard model" is equipped with the 6-core 6-thread "Ryzen 5 4500U". Even the low-priced "Basic model" uses the 4-core 4-thread "Ryzen 3 4300U".

Also, the battery drive time is extended to a maximum of 17 hours nominally due to the effect of the Ryzen 4000U. With the 2019 model, the maximum length was 14 hours and 30 minutes, which is a considerable extension.

In addition, in the actual measurement of the 2019 model, it is about 14.2 hours at the time of light load [Web tour with BBench, 50% brightness] of Ryzen 5 installed configuration "standard model", a value relatively close to the nominal value. For this reason, the 2020 model can also be expected to have a correspondingly extended drive time.

ENVY x360 13
▲ By adopting a narrow bezel on four sides, the appearance is refreshing even in the tent mode unique to the model equipped with a 360-degree rotating hinge.

Another feature of the 4-side narrow bezel design is that the bottom side bezel, which was slightly thicker in the 2019 model, is reduced. The top side and the left and right sides were quite narrow even in the 2019 model, but depending on the situation, the bottom side, which was a little conspicuous, was greatly shaved, and it is a thin bezel that is not inferior to the higher-level machine "Specter x360" series.

In total, the lightest weight is 1.2 kg, and it is also a point that you can not overlook that it is slightly lighter due to the reduction of the bottom area by the narrow bezel [it was from 1.28 kg in the 2019 model].

ENVY x360 13
▲ It also supports pen input using a dedicated pen [HP MPP Active Pen] sold separately [tax not included 9800 yen]. At the launch, there was a comment from Adobe that "We are promoting certification for Adobe Fresco" [remote product launch video]

The body inherits the machined aluminum body of the series tradition. The main body color is "Nightfall Black", which is the theme color common to the series [although the white and wood editions prepared for the 2019 model are of concern].

Similar to the 2019 model, the detailed finish is also something that does not make you feel the price in a good way. Also, it is worth noting that the wireless LAN is Wi-Fi 6 for all models in detail.

ENVY x360 13
▲ The main body color is the traditional "Nightfall Black" finish. The HP logo on the top plate is also designed for premium models

In this way, the ENVY x360 13 2020 model, while inheriting the highly valued cost performance of the current model, has a smaller floor area and lighter weight due to the further adoption of a narrow bezel, and processing speed improvement and battery due to the Ryzen generation change. A model with extended drive time and complete power up.

In particular, the top performance model is 129,800 yen [tax excluded], while the Ryzen 7 4700U with 8 cores has 16GB of RAM, 512GB of SSD [of course PCIe connection/NVMe], and this time as well. It is a bargain price that hits the points of heavy users.

It's a little disappointing that the APU is not a Ryzen 4800U [8 core 16 thread version] and that there is no model with high screen resolution [Full HD in all grades], but because of that, and also the price level at the time of non-sale, I'm happy that it is the same as the 2019 model. This is an arbitrary prediction of the author, but it seems that the 2020 model can be expected to have a "performance model 100,000 yen cut" at the time of sale as well as the 2019 version.

Source:Japan HP sales page


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