Huawei, Android tablet new series "MatePad" 3 models

On June 2, Huawei Japan announced the tablet "MatePad" series with Android as OS. Huawei's Android tablet had the brand name "MediaPad", but the brand name has been renewed to MatePad. It is a lineup of three models: the 10-inch class "MatePad Pro" and "MatePad" and the 8-inch class "MatePad T8". LTE models are also available for the MatePad in the middle range.

  • Huawei tablet renewed. Three new models of "MatePad" series will be released

Release dates for the MatePad Pro and MatePad will be June 12, and the release date for the MatePad T8 will be early July. The estimated market price [excluding tax] is 59,800 yen for MatePad Pro, 29,800 yen for Wi-Fi model of MatePad, 36,182 yen for LTE model, and 13,900 yen for MatePad T 8. For MatePad Pro, "HUAWEI smart wireless keyboard" is prepared, and the price is 14,900 yen. The digital pen "HUAWEI M-Pencil" that can be used with MatePad Pro and MatePad is 9,990 yen.

Excellent hardware but apps are a challenge

The top-level MatePad Pro has a large 10.8-inch 2,560 x 1,600-dot high-resolution display. A high-performance display with a brightness of 540nit, 280ppi, and a contrast ratio of 1500:1, with a screen occupation rate of 90%. By narrowing the bezel width to 4.9 mm, the size of the general 10.1-inch tablet was slightly increased to a 10.8-inch screen. The rival iPad Pro has an occupancy rate of 84.6% and a bezel width of 8.3 mm.

  • Top model "MatePad Pro"

Equipped with a punch-hole type in-camera, it has a built-in camera without increasing the bezel width. The out-camera has 13 million pixels and the in-camera has 8 million pixels, both of which are compatible with AF.

The main body size is about width 246 × height 159 × thickness 7.2 mm, and weighs about 460 g. SoC is Kirin 990, memory 6GB, storage 128GB, OS is Android 10.1 based EMUI 10.1.0. The battery capacity is 7,250 mAh, and it has a long drive time of about 12 hours for video playback and about 11.5 hours for Web browsing. In addition to quick charging via USB Type-C port, it also supports Qi-compliant wireless charging. With 15W rapid wireless charging, 30 minutes charging will take about 2 hours and 60 minutes will take about 4.2 hours.

The optional M-Pencil has a built-in magnet and is attached to the top of the main unit so that it can be charged as it is. It seems that you can use it for 10 minutes in 30 minutes and 10 hours in 1 hour. With 4,096 levels of pen pressure detection and palm rejection, you can draw smoothly and comfortably. If you double-touch the screen with the pen when the screen is off, you can take notes immediately. In addition to the handwritten memo application "Nebo for Huawei" and "MyScript Calculator", you can use the drawing application "ibisPaint X" if you download it.

Similarly, the optional wireless keyboard is a magnet-bonded type with a keystroke of 1.3 mm. In PC mode, you can put files on the desktop and use it like a PC.

  • Optional keyboard and stylus

There is a wireless power supply function on the back, and you can charge smartphones and other devices that support wireless charging from your tablet. With a capacity of 7.5 W, for example, with a smartphone HUAWEI Mate 30, it will be possible to use it for about 1.5 hours with 30 minutes charging, about 3 hours with 60 minutes.

On the sound side, powerful and high-quality playback is appealed by 4 channels of 4 speakers and audio tuning by Harman Kardon.

  • Main specifications of MatePad Pro

Convenient multi-window

The point is the multi-window function that makes full use of the large screen. In addition to displaying two apps side by side, you can launch three apps simultaneously as a floating window. Supports data transfer by dragging and dropping between applications. You can easily switch and use the apps like you would on a computer.

Also equipped with "Huawei Share" that works with Huawei smartphones. In addition to high-speed wireless transfer of data to and from each other, the "multi-screen collaboration" function allows the smartphone screen to be displayed on the tablet. You can also use the tablet to operate your smartphone or transfer files.

As a tablet, it has high-spec and full-featured features that can compete with the iPad Pro, but due to the effects of economic friction in the United States and China, it is not possible to install Google service [GMS], so instead HMS [Huawei Mobile Services] It is equipped with. There are no Google apps such as Gmail or Google Maps, and I cannot install the apps from Google Play.

Install the application from the "App Gallery" [app store]. Applications that are often used in Japan, such as LINE and Microsoft Office, have already been released. Google apps such as Gmail and Google Maps can also be used on a browser, so there is room for devising it via a browser. However, there are many apps that cannot be used by themselves, and the fact that you cannot install apps from Google Play is a big disadvantage.

Since the hardware and functionality are excellent, it seems to be a good option if the issues around this can be cleared for the user's usage. Although mobile communication models including 5G models have been released overseas, only Wi-Fi models are available in Japan.

Middle range is good Cospa, compatible with pen, LTE model also available

  • Middle range model "Mate Pad"

The middle-range MatePad, which also has a SIM-free LTE model, differs from the higher-level MatePad Pro in that it does not support smart keyboards, the M-Pencil charging cable is an attached cable, and so on. SoC has Kirin 810, memory is 3GB, storage is 32GB, OS is Android 10.1 based EMUI 10.1.0. The main body size is about width 245 x height 155 x thickness 7.4 mm, and weighs about 450 g. In addition, the display has a resolution of 2,000 x 1,200 dots, a screen size of 10.4 inches, a brightness of 470nit, 224ppi, etc., which are also different parts from the upper MatePad Pro.

The main body has a general design in which the in-camera fits inside the upper center bezel when held horizontally. The front camera has the same 8 million pixels as MatePad Pro, but it does not support AF. Tuning with 4 speakers and Harman Kardon supervision is equivalent to MatePad Pro.

The battery is 7,250mAh, and charging is compatible with quick charging via USB Type-C. Wireless charging and power feeding are not supported. The LTE model enables LTE communication with a maximum downlink rate of 262.5 Mbps and an maximum uplink rate of 50 Mbps.

Software side is basically the same as MatePad Pro. It is possible to project multi windows and smartphone screens, transfer files, etc. It is similar to MatePad Pro in that it has issues with the application because it does not have GMS [Google Mobile Services] but only HMS [Huawei Mobile Services].

  • Main specifications of MatePad

Inexpensive and compact tablet "MatePad T8"

The compact MatePad T 8 for entry uses an 8-inch 1,280 x 800 dot display. By keeping the width of the horizontal bezel to 4.9 mm when held vertically, the screen occupies 80% of the screen while maintaining a 7-inch size.

  • Entry model "Mate Pad T 8"

The main body size is about width 121 × height 200 × thickness 8.6 mm, weight about 310 g. SoC adopts MediaTek MT8768, memory is 2GB, storage is 16GB, OS is EMUI 10.0.1 based on Android 10.1.

The main camera has an AF-compatible 5 million pixel sensor, and the in-camera has a 2 million pixel sensor. The battery is about 5,100 mAh, and 12 hours of video playback and 12 hours of web browsing are possible.

The other two models are similar, but can be switched to kids mode. There are four pre-installed recorder, camera, multimedia, and drawing tools, and various restrictions can be set by parental control, so you can give them to your child with peace of mind. In addition, M-Pencil and smart keyboard are not supported.

  • Main specifications of MatePad T 8

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