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HUAWEI Band 4 review. USB direct insertion fitness band-Engadget Japan version

On November 22, Huawei Japan released the fitness band “HUAWEI Band 4”. I borrowed it, so I tried it for a few days.

HUAWEI Watch GT 2 is also available as HUAWEI wearable. There is a difference between a smartwatch and a fitness band, but the main functions are actually the same. Of course, there are minor functional differences, but there is no significant difference in what you can do.

The display is a 0.96 inch TFT color screen with a resolution of 80 x 160. The surface is a touch panel, and all operations are performed on the display. There is no physical button on the main unit.

The screen is normally off and lights up when the wrist is returned. Unlike HUAWEI Watch, there is no function that always lights up.

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<p>There is a heart rate sensor on the back, which allows continuous measurement of heart rate. However, even if it is always, it does not really continue to measure, and basically it is measured every 10 minutes. As long as you are exercising, literally always measure.</p>
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This type of device generally uses a dedicated charging stand or charging cable, but HUAWEI Band 4 does not have that. When one side of the band is removed, the USB terminal appears and can be inserted directly into the charger or the USB port of the PC.

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<p>However, because the orientation is fixed, it may be difficult to insert depending on the USB port. This is where I wanted to be creative, such as USB Type-C with no front and back.</p>
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The battery is normally used for 9 days, but this is when sleep measurement is disabled. When sleep measurement and constant heart rate measurement are enabled, about 15% of the battery is consumed in one day, so it seems that the battery will last for about 6 to 7 days.

As notifications from smartphones, incoming notifications and notifications from various applications such as email can be displayed. Only the sender can check the mail on the list screen, and the subject is displayed by tapping. It is the same as HUAWEI Watch GT 2 that you can not confirm the text.

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<p>Workouts are available for indoor running, outdoor / indoor walking, outdoor / indoor cycling, rowing, elliptical and free training. Although it is waterproof at 5 bar, it does not support swimming tracking.</p>
<p>In addition, workout does not support automatic measurement, and operation is required every time exercise starts. This is the same specification as HUAWEI Watch GT 2.</p>
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In addition, it can also measure the number of steps, distance, and activity time. However, it is difficult to check on HUAWEI Band 4 because the screen resolution is low. During the trial period, the time, the number of steps, and the presence of notifications were confirmed on the wrist, and the rest of the measurement data and notification details were confirmed on the smartphone. Although it has a display, it seems better to think of it as an instrument that you always wear.

By the way, there is no music operation function. It also functions as a remote shutter only when used with a HUAWEI terminal equipped with EMUI 8.1 or later.

One of the great benefits of wearing HUAWEI Band 4 is the acquisition of sleep logs. HUAWEI has been focusing on sleep measurement for a long time, and HUAWEI Band 4 is equipped with the same “HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0” sleep monitoring technology as HUAWEI Watch GT 2.

The measurement data and display contents are the same as those obtained with HUAWEI Watch GT 2. Even if the belt is included, 24.1g (actual measured value) does not get in the way lightly, so if the main purpose is to collect sleep logs, HUAWEI Band 4 is sufficient.

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<p>However, considering that Mi Band 4 of 3490 yen (excluding tax) was released, the 4800 yen (excluding tax) of HUAWEI Band 4 feels a little expensive. However, the author has also used Mi Band 4, but I felt that the HUAWEI app was easier to see with regard to the visibility of the screen, regardless of the accuracy of the sleep log.</p>
<p>After that, it seems that it will be a big point whether you feel charm that a dedicated charging stand (cable) is unnecessary. If you have a lot of business trips or trips, you may feel that you can easily use HUAWEI Band 4 that can be charged directly by plugging it into your PC. Mi Band 4 has a 20-day battery life, but there is a possibility that the charging cable is missing.</p>
<p>Whether to take HUAWEI Band 4 which is easy to see and directly charge the sleep log, or Mi Band 4 which can be operated with music with the same function at a low price. It's nice to be able to have more options, but it's also annoying.
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