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Huawei launches HUAWEI Band 4 Pro smart band with GPS on January 17-Engadget

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro
HUAWEI announced that it will release the smart band "HUAWEI Band 4 Pro" with a built-in GPS on January 17 [Fri]. Estimated market price is 8800 yen [excluding tax]. The color is pink gold, cinnabar red, graphite black.

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro is a higher model of HUAWEI Band 4 released in November 2019. It will also be the successor to the HUAWEI Band 3 Pro released in October 2018.

The design itself is equivalent to the HUAWEI Band 3 Pro, including the 0.95 inch 240 x 120 AMOLED display, but the battery life has improved and the corresponding workout has increased compared to the HUAWEI Band 3 Pro.

Compared to the HUAWEI Band 4, it has a big feature that it has a built-in GPS and can record distances and routes such as running by itself. It is also equipped with a heart rate sensor, and can measure VO2max [maximum oxygen uptake].

However, the direct insertion charging of USB, which is a feature of HUAWEI Band 4, cannot be performed, and charging requires a dedicated charging cable using the conventional POGO pin.

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro

Battery life is about 12 days in normal use. However, it is said that sleep measurement and continuous monitoring of heart rate are disabled, so using them will make it even shorter. When using GPS continuously, it takes about 7 hours.

Other features include 50m waterproof and swim tracking. In addition to changing the watch face from an Android smartphone, music operations on the smartphone are also possible. If your HUAWEI terminal is EMUI 8.1 or higher, you can also use the remote shutter function.

If you think of it as a fitness band, 8800 yen is a little expensive, but it has a built-in GPS, so it seems good for people who want to run and walk lightly without having a smartphone.

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro


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