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Huawei Offers Google Maps Alternative Service? -Engadget Japan Version

Navigation and digital map creator TomTom of the Netherlands has signed a contract with HUAWEI for the use of map data and related services. The contract itself was concluded some time ago, and the details of the contract will not be disclosed.

HUAWEI is on the U.S. Department of Commerce's list of entities and is under embargo. Google-related services are not available, but this agreement has the potential to offer a unique map service that replaces Google Maps.

Google-related services are originally restricted in China, and terminals without "Google" are the norm, but if you look at the world you can not do that. For this reason, HUAWEI has announced its own Hamony OS, while developing its own app platform “HMS [Huawei Mobile Service]” for its Android devices.

In addition to holding developer meetings in various locations, the booth at CES 2020 also had the purpose of recruiting HMS participants. As a result of these activities, HUAWEI sold more than 6.9 million 5G devices in 2019 and shipped more than 200 million smartphones themselves.

It's not clear when or if HUAWEI will release its own map app, but if the embargo continues, it may be in the not-too-distant time.


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