Huawei “ P30 lite '' “ nova lite 3 '' to Android 10, EMUI10

Huawei's SIM-free smartphoneHUAWEI P30 lite"HUAWEI nova lite 3", An update to update the OS to Android 10 has begun.

  • HUAWEI P30 lite

  • HUAWEI nova lite 3

It will be distributed sequentially from March 25, and it will be possible to update all users' terminals in about a month. At the same time, a custom OS based on Android 10 and EMUI10 user interface will be applied, and terminal security will be strengthened by security patches from Google.

Because the file size to download is large, Wi-Fi environment is recommended. They also called for updating the device with 50% or more of the battery remaining, and for backing up personal data such as photos, videos, and contacts before the update. The file size of the update and the version information after the update are as follows.

HUAWEI P30 lite

Approximately 3.9GB: Update from "MAR-LX2J" to "MAR-LX2J"

Approximately 1.05GB: Update from "MAR-LX2J" to "MAR-LX2J"

HUAWEI nova lite 3

Approximately 3.4GB: Update from "POT-LX2J" to "POT-LX2J"

Approx. 940MB: Update from "POT-LX2J" to "POT-LX2J"

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