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Huawei P40 Pro (tentative) with 10x optical zoom? 2020 high-end smartphones predict high-power telephoto focus-Engadget Japan

This observation is based on a research note from famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo obtained by MacRumors in the United States. According to Kuo, the rear camera of Huawei's next flagship model P40 Pro (provisional) will be equipped with a redesigned periscope (periscope) lens, making it the world's first smartphone with 10x optical zoom function It is going to be. The model is expected to launch in the first half of 2020.

The periscope lens is a technology also called a bending optical system. It is a mechanism that can realize high-magnification zoom even in a small space by changing the optical axis with a lens or mirror. However,P30 Pro boasts top-class camera performance with current Huawei productsAlso has a periscope lens, but the magnification is only 5x.

Also, Huawei's competitor OppoPreliminary announcement of models equipped with "10x lossless zoom" in FebruaryWas on sale nowReno 10x ZoomIs"10x hybrid zoom"(10x zoom with almost no degradation in image quality due to combination of 5x optical zoom and software).

Kuo, known for Apple's insider information, does not mention whether the iPhone 2020 model, the so-called iPhone 12 (provisional), will be included in the trend for enhanced optical zoom. In the current model iPhone 11 Pro series"2x optical zoom, up to 10x digital zoom"It has become the specification. By the way, with digital zoom, some degradation of image quality is inevitable.

However, it seems that the image quality of the camera will also be emphasized in iPhone 12, Taiwan media DigiTimes williPhone 12 camera will be equipped with sensor shift image stabilization technology in high-end modelRumors have just been reported.

In addition, Samsung, a powerful rival, has competed with the iPhone 11 seriesSignificantly enhance the camera of Galaxy S11 (provisional)Apple is likely to focus more on enhancing camera performance.

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