Huawei's new strategy and Android initiatives

On November 14, Huawei Japan announced a middle-range smartphone “HUAWEI nova 5T"And smartwatch"HUAWEI WATCH GT 2"Full wireless earphone"HUAWEI FreeBuds 3"And other new products were announced. While receiving embargoes due to trade disputes between the US and China, the company appeals for steady performance at the moment, but with a strategy of “1 + 8 + N” in the future, it shows a policy of focusing on smart life It is.

About the details of the new strategy and future Android initiatives, Mr. Wubo, Huawei Device Japan / Korea Region President, answered the reporters' questions. Among them, Mr. Kurenami is the latest high-end smartphone that has already been released overseas.HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro"I'm considering selling in Japan, but I'd like to launch a 5G model for next spring, not a 4G model."

  • Mr. Kurenami responding to the interview

The strategy of 1 + 8 + N means 1 [smartphone] and 8 [various smart products] + N [multiple IoT devices]. The aim is to provide intelligent experiences to users by linking smart products, especially smartphones, with IoT.

Smart products include tablets, PCs, smart screens, smart telematics, HUAWEI VR glasses, wearables, smart earphones, and smart speakers. The strategy is to develop this “1 + 8” product as a Huawei ecosystem and to connect many IoT devices such as lighting, air purifiers, and robotic vacuum cleaners provided by partners.

  • 1 + 8 product line

Among them, smartphones and tablets basically assume Android. Normally, the Android OS is based on the open source AOSP [Android Open Source Project], and GMS [Google Mobile Service], which is a collection of Google services such as Google Play, has been added.

However, Huawei has become unable to use GMS due to US embargo. Since nova 5T of SIM fleece smartphone announced this time was developed before embargo was activated, it is equipped with Android + GMS. However, if the embargo continues, there is no denying the possibility that GMS cannot be installed. “HUAWEI's policy is to prioritize Android and GMS,” Mr. Wuha stresses.

Under such circumstances, Huawei intends to strengthen a platform called HMS [Huawei Mobile Service]. OS adopts Android by AOSP, and HMS is installed instead of GMS. HMS can reach 570 million Huawei users all over the world, and its own app store “App Gallery” has over 390 million active users per month.

  • HMS that can approach the world's Huawei users

  • Some apps say they ’ve downloaded millions of times

HMS is responsible not only for app stores for smartphones, but also for the entire ecosystem of 1 + 8 strategies. In addition to this HMS, we intend to build our own platform by adding our own OS harmony OS. “Neither HMS nor Harmony OS replace Android or GMS”, denying the view of developing an alternative OS and HMS because Android + GMS cannot be used.

“When it comes to 5G, the needs for terminals will be segmented and segmented, so Harmony OS and HSM were created for the 1 + 8 + N strategy,” Mr. Wubo said. “While thinking about the worst case, GMS can be used if it can no longer be used,” Mr. Wu-Nan showed that it will focus on smartphones equipped with Android + GMS.

This time, Huawei announced smartphones and wearables [HUAWEI WATCH GT 2] and smart earphones [FreeBuds 3]. The goal is not just a hardware manufacturer, but also a platformer that provides a smart life with 5G and AI in Japan.

To that end, we will hold a developer conference in Japan for the first time. Huawei, which invests 1 billion dollars for the “Shining-Star Program” and supports HMS developers, has held developer conventions in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It will be held in Tokyo in December 2019.

  • Provide HMS developers with $ 1 billion investment and various incentives. We support overseas expansion

Regarding the products, he said that the promotion of “the biggest in history” [Mr. Wu] will be carried out in the future, and the approach to the Japanese market will be strengthened together with the Developer Conference.

  • Developer conference held in December in Japan

  • Countries that have held competitions so far

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