Huge galactic nuclei are 120 million years before present National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, such as the study of

The universe is the Big Bang called the big explosion happened about 13.8 billion years. National Astronomical Observatory of Japan on the 18th, 120 million years ago, massive galaxies have nuclei that announced the discovery. The galaxy formation history to elucidate the important discovery that.

【Here】The center of the Galaxy”supermassive black hole”doughnut structure revealing the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, such as

■The mystery of the remaining galaxy formation history

The Big Bang of our universe, complex atoms and molecules while making the current figure to growth for the company. Outer space exists in the number of galaxies is thousands of million, it. However, the Galactic process of birth, the mystery remains.

Inside the star is active to be born”healthy”galaxies and stars, to make the activity stop for a”quiet”galaxy of the 2 types of galaxies can be roughly classified into. The quiet galaxy is why the stars of the generation to stop, for not remain. Therefore, cheerful state from a quiet galaxies and the transition to the Galaxy to solve the mystery of holding and considered.

■Infrared telescope reveals distant galaxies the details of the

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, such as the researchers group of the Subaru Telescope, observed in the dark bodies from a distant galaxy and discover the W. M. Keck Observatory for observations. Hawaii・Mauna Kea summit in the adjacent two telescopes,one hundred billions of light-years beyond the Galaxy infrared observations possible.

This time, the W. M. Keck Observatory using 2 micro-meter wavelength observations of this distant galaxy,120 million light years away, located in the turns out that. It was discovered in the quiet of the galaxy, the oldest and.

The history of the universe, the first stars after the formation of the galaxy, the mass of a large celestial body considered that. This discovered galaxy is the Milky Way galaxy than the mass is large, and this theory to endorse.

The galactic center of the nucleus, also 120 million years ago were present at the time of this turned out. This time it was discovered in the galaxy of stars is the current that exists in the universe of the mass of the galaxy is almost at the same speed that you’re moving from,was revealed.

It was discovered in galactic nuclei is one of the oldest is 110 million years ago, the more than expected early in the galactic core that was in the research group is surprise as.

Details of the study, the US Astrophysics journal Astrophysical Journal Letters on 11 November 6 listed. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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