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Hulu's 2nd home support program, more than 2500 free videos and videos for kids-Engadget

Hulu, the online video distribution service, will provide more than 2500 copies of kids, intellectual training, cooking, exercise content, etc. from April 8 to May 10 as the second home support following the announcement of an emergency declaration to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection Published for free until the day. Free works can be viewed without registration.

In the first installment, NTV works and Hulu original stories created in connection with them were distributed free until March 31st.

This time, the educational anime "Shimajirou no Wow!" "My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic", Daisuke's older brother (Yokoyama Daisuke) 's original Hulu program "Nijiiro Daisukecchi ♪", and the cooking program "Kewpie 3 mins" "Cooking" and "Tipness Channel", which introduces a wide range of exercises, will be distributed free of charge. The target works are more than 2500 pieces. Some works will be released for free until April 30.

■ Works for free distribution

  • Kamen Rider Kiva (48 episodes) Ends delivery on April 30
  • Reshasha Sentai Tokyuja (47 episodes) will end distribution on April 30
  • Goomies (30 episodes) distribution ends May 10
  • I want to know now! Aim! Programming Star (145 episodes) May 10 distribution end
  • Ultraman Geed (25 episodes) will end distribution on May 10
  • Kappa Coo and Summer Vacation May 10 Delivery End
  • Gucho Kyatyu (26 episodes) End of delivery on May 10, 2020
  • Theatrical version MARCO Inquiry of the mother Michisato May 10 delivery end
  • Theatrical version Flanders' dog movie end of distribution on May 10
  • Shimajirou Nowo! (89 episodes) May 10 delivery end
  • Dai! Dai! Brother !!! (22 episodes) Discontinued on May 10
  • DAM KEEPER May 10 delivery end
  • Nijiiro Daisukecchi ♪ (20 episodes) distribution ends on May 10
  • Hakushin Daimaou (52 episodes) will end distribution on May 10
  • Panda Full Life ends distribution on May 10
  • Piano no Mori May 10 delivery end
  • Pig Damper on the Hill (Episode 10) Discontinued on May 10
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Dubbing / English (Episode 26) May 10 Distribution ends
  • Manga Japanese History (35 episodes) distribution ended May 10
  • Kewpie 3 minute cooking (1680 episodes) delivery ends May 10
  • Tipness Channel (250 episodes) distribution ends May 10

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