Human and movement possible joint module development,next-generation robots by NEDO, etc

New energy and industrial technology development organization [NEDO]is 9, the Central University, in collaboration with the human and the movement can reproduce the joint module to be completed.

【Here】NEDO and double motor, in the hands of the people of the schematic robot hand”from”developing

Aging society and labor, is responsible for solving to solve for a human, but on behalf of the working robot of the developed robot in the same way that people not from the movement to reproduce this, and it is difficult, over the years the practical use of the wall as you can. Especially to an object during a collision to stop and that is difficult, close to the human work that is dangerous was.

Human joints and the movements of the muscles of the”antagonistic device”there is a reason for that. Joint angle and force, as well as the elastic and viscous changes to the objects in the collision to reduce shock can.

The NEDO and the Central University Research Group, the elastic and viscous varying artificial structure modules. Pneumatic artificial muscles are pneumatic to be used in the joint angle and torque in addition to the elastic can be changed. Or MR fluid brake, by the indirect viscosity controlling and also possible.

Pneumatic artificial muscle system is lightweight for the entire module of weight 4 kilograms and very lightweight. Further modules needed to drive the power all the modules in the arranged,off-line driving is possible.

NEDO and the Central University, the results of this study to the development of the lower limbs assists the brace to be applied to. Or Central University-originated ventures in the software program, the commercialization also made and announced.

The body-worn type of braces and rehabilitation support apparatus, the hardware of the challenge is large and has been. However, the results of artificial human joints close to the movement you can reproduce and solve the problem may lead to. This from an aging society, and safety consideration for the scene where the robot has the opportunity to be active as expected.

We developed joint Modules,1 month 16 days,17 days in Shinjuku Lumine zero at the Symposium to be held in the exhibition being planned.

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