Hundreds of Alexa-enabled devices on the road-privacy behind privacy

Amazon brings Alexa-compatible devices to the world100 million unitsIt took about four years to spread. But in just a year, that number has more than doubled.

Amazon booth at CES 2019

Amazon booth at CES 2019
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Amazon said on January 6 that it had "billions of Alexa-enabled devices" that had reached customers around the world. Announced in January 2019100 million unitsFrom has increased significantly. Both figures include Amazon's Echo speakers, Fire tablets, and Fire TV streaming devices, as well as third-party devices such as wearables, TVs, and computers, and the expanse of Alexa's world It can be said that it shows.

Alexa's collaboration with smart homes has nearly doubled, with Alexa being used to control smart homes hundreds of millions of times a week.

Amazon has announced these new milestones at the dawn of CES 2020, the world's largest technology trade show. At CES 2020, the company announces a number of new partnerships in the automotive, television and connected home sectors and hopes to keep Alexa's phenomenal growth.

Amazon is said to be secretive, and has not disclosed further details of its growth. Nevertheless, these figures show how huge Alexa has become in the past five years. The digital assistant is now by far the most popular smart home controller in the United States. Amazon will need to find a way to stay ahead of many competitors, including Google, Apple, and Samsung, and provide numbers that show Alexa's significant growth.

For example, Google has increased its presence at CES in recent years. Its main aim is to make people aware of the benefits of Google Assistant.

Given that Alexa is already integrated into over 100,000 smart home products from over 9,500 brands [this is another important milestone announced by the company in December 2019], Alexa should talk You may think that the product is no more than a smart cheese grater. That is a good question.

According to Moor Insights & Strategy analyst Patrick Moorhead, Amazon is likely to be in its early stages.

"I believe Amazon, which has successfully installed Alexa on more than 100,000 products, has made great strides, but there is a chance to increase that figure tenfold over the next ten years." And commented by email.

Controversy over consumer privacy and the Ring

There is one issue that may overshadow Alexa's popularity. Privacy. Amazon and other major voice assistant developers have been widely criticized in 2019 for not letting users know that human reviewers are listening to snippets of their voice. This practice is widely implemented and is needed to improve voice services. In some cases, however, contractors from these companies have heard audio recordings of people's sexual activity, including personal information about banks and healthcare.

Following criticism, Amazon, Google and Apple have enhanced their privacy settings. David Limp, head of Amazon's hardware development, said in December he would focus on consumer privacy needs.

David Limp

David Limp
Provided by: Tyler Lizenby / CNET

"Every time privacy matters, we believe it is our responsibility to keep improving." "We never stop doing it. As long as we consider it important, and as long as our customers want it. , We continue to work on inventing new ways to increase the overall security as well as the appeal of these products. "

He said Amazon's Alexa-enabled devices weren't losing sales in the midst of a human reviewer dispute, but they did not intend to exacerbate the problem until sales were negatively affected.

Ring, a video doorbell maker, also faces criticism of security blunders and partnerships with local police. Asked if he regretted the acquisition of Ring, Limp immediately replied, "No, not the other way around."

According to Limp, Ring is a very successful acquisition for Amazon, and he is looking forward to Ring's future products. Limp and the Ring team take their customers' trust very seriously, and said they will continue to work on new ways to make Ring products even more secure.

Moorhead pointed out that Alexa devices continued to sell well, claiming that Amazon has responded well to most customers' privacy and security needs so far. But he said, "Privacy and security are always moving targets, so what works in 2019 may not always work perfectly." Therefore, the company expects to continue adding new features to address its ever-changing issues.

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