Hybrid version of Bluetooth and USB Type-C–PFU renews high-performance keyboard HHKB

∙ PFU renewed the Happy Hacking Keyboard [HHKB] series on December 10, and a total of 16 models of 3 grades from December 10PFU directAnnounced to sell limited.

The new lineup includes [1] interface expansion and evolution [Bluetooth / USB hybridization and USB Type-C connector support], [2] enhanced multi-pairing function [improves operability of Bluetooth connection destination switching], [3] Evolution of key customization function [In addition to the conventional customization of control keys, we have realized three points: customization of character keys in general.

Based on the three grades of HYBRID Type-S [PFU direct price without tax: 32,000 yen], HYBRID [27,500 yen] and Classic [23,000 yen], English layout, unmarked, Japan Lineup of 16 models of word layout, ink, and white. HYBRID Type-S has the same high-speed keystroke performance and quietness as the conventional Type-S model, and the “Black” model is also available. Classic is only USB connection and the layout is English only [not engraved].

Lineup and functions

Lineup and functions

The HKKB series was developed with the aim of creating an ideal keyboard that programmers can use throughout their lives, based on the “Minimalize philosophy” that eliminates waste. Since its launch in December 1996, it has more than 500,000 units in Japan and overseas, mainly programmers and engineers.

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