Hydrothermal vents in the life of the silicon and the organic compound is easily generated AIST and other research

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and technology [AIST] research group from the 3 days, hydrothermal vents, the light guide[Fe3S4]of such minerals acts as a catalyst by of life, where simple organic compounds are easily made and confirmed and announced. Group, life birth way for the breakthrough of the coming into.

【Here】Tokyo Institute of technology, such as the birth of life about a new hypothesis put forward

■Hydrothermal vents is?
Thousands of meters of the seabed, the underground magma to heat it, when the 400 degrees to heat water to squirt out of the chimney such terrain exists. This so-called mini-volcanoes hydrothermal vents only.

The hydrothermal vents around the perimeter of the sun’s rays all reach, despite the rich ecosystems are known to exist. The microorganisms from shrimp, octopus, crab, small fish, and various biological species.

And by the way, life is an organic chemical reaction, repeat from simplest to most complex, and evolve, by born considered. This chemical evolution and the like.

Hydrothermal vents, hydrogen [H2] and carbon dioxide [CO2]is continuously supplied, together with the light guide,magnetite [Fe3O4], and one site[Ni3Fe], etc. of the catalyst the mineral is abundant. Therefore the chemical evolution of progress and,currently, Life on Earth, the birth place of as,and are considered to be one of the most promising candidates to.

However, such chemical evolution is, in fact, still a lot have not. Part 1, the chemical evolution as a starting point,simple organic compounds such as some of that problem.

■Minerals are the catalyst to life quickly with simple organic compounds to produce
The findings on this point to light just.

The research group repeated the experiment,light guide,magnetite, and power, such as the mineral acts as a catalyst by which life is viable 100 degrees below mild conditions,the hydrogen by carbon dioxide is reduced, the various simple organic compounds that were confirmed. Incidentally, the hydrogen to get the reaction to reduction reaction,hydrogen loses the reaction to the oxidation reaction and the like.

The research group, according to such as simple organic compounds, and chemical reactions repeatedly,gradually proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and other complex organic compounds evolve into, and eventually life led to the birth of thought. Also, the Earth and other celestial bodies in hydrothermal vents, etc., if present,the birth is considered likely with.

The study group will, as described above, by reduction reaction, and simple organic compounds, as well as long-chain fatty acids and nucleic acids and other complex organic compounds directly from the verify whether with that.

Life birth of his writings that,in the not too distant future. [Article: 飯銅 重幸・The article list to look at]

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