I am surprised that winter is very good. Katsuura | A wonderful exploration with Subaru 360 Makoto Oki's Lady Bird Trip Vol.29

The unexpected scenery that I met in Katsuura in the middle of winter


Katsuura in Chiba

Not just summer towns

I was surprised at how good winter was.

Feeling new year
Seaside town for the rest

While digging in

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Enjoy delicious fish and local sake

I went to

Not only in winter

I can imagine the splendor of spring and autumn

Surely each season's individuality

Is rich.


But so much


By the way

Why did I know that

I saw a blog called "Katsukurishiku". Katsuura City Regional Development Cooperation Team

Yuji Numajiri, also known as “Numamachi,” lives alone in an old folk house in the mountains.

Introduce various interesting people and places in Katsuura,

We are planning an event.

Makoto Otaka immediately said, "Let's contact Numamachi-san!" As soon as I got an email, I got a reply and I was taught a lot about Katsuura while having dinner with a nice guesthouse in Katsuura.

In Katsuura,
There is a coast,
There is a fishing port,
There is a hot spring,

There is a traditional seaside townscape.

From there, when you cross a sharp cliff, the scenery of the mountain village suddenly spreads. There is a shrine and a huge sacred tree in it.

If you think that Katsuura is a seaside town, you will be amazed at this sight.

"That's right, Katsuura is also a village town."

Mr. Tonumacchi.

Katsuura is also a "tunnel town".

Since it is a sandstone ground, you can dig a hole relatively easily by hand digging,
There are many holes on the cliff instead of a storeroom,

There is also a tunnel that extends through the cliff as an extension

It ’s definitely here because it ’s on the map.

I went there thinking that there was a fishing port, nets and baskets,

It just looks like a dead end …

When I became anxious and asked the way at the fishery cooperative, "If you go there, there is a tunnel."

Well, there is a sign saying "Because of private land, no entry". But behind that, like a cliff gap

There is a hand-digging tunnel that you can't go through unless you bend down
You can escape to the next bay!

Because unexpected scenery is connected to unexpected places


I want to forget time and go to various places.


In fact

Southern end of city

When I went to the Katsuura castle ruins at Cape Hachiman on the cliff,

On the standing signboard there,

Even in a place far away

"Katsuura Castle"
Makoto Otaka who discovered that it was written [although it was very casual and small]

"Well, isn't the Katsuura Castle Ruins now here different from the Katsuura Castle Ruins on this map? Or was there two Katsuura Castles?"

When I started to worry, I could not stop and suddenly visited Katsuura City Office

Received a lecture on "The origin of Katsuura Castle from the viewpoint of the remains of the city" to the members of the Board of Education

The narrow peaks and valleys that connect Cape Hachiman from where the word "Katsuura Castle" was located

At that time in a big
"Katsuura Castle and Castle"
I knew it was, and I ran the long narrow road with Lady Bird

I checked what was going on there.

The road was a very ordinary path
I was satisfied with the time of day.

Even so

Makoto Oki who moves so far with the three letters of that small "Katsuura Castle" is also amazing.
Coastline and cliffs
A mountain castle made of terrain that makes the best use of peaks and valleys

A normal road enters the tunnel

There are shrines and unidentified stone monuments in unexpected places,

The road to suddenly appear on a secret coast or hill
It was a great honor for me to advertise more.

The famous dolls that line up the stone steps of the shrine
"Katsuura Big Hina Matsuri",

Katsuura Morning Market, one of the three major morning markets in Japan

Also delicious seafood. Of course summer bathing. There are many Katsuura specialties. And when I went through the tunnel to visit it

"Interesting places you don't know" are also waiting for you.
You can meet something whenever you go out.

Daiki Makoto, OSK Japanese opera company, former male top star.
The only opera star in Japan who read Noshiro devotedly.
In the summer of 2010, I got the long-awaited Subaru 360.
I plan to travel around Japan with this car.

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