I asked an Indian "What's surprised you recently?"

"Indians are also surprised"Young people may not know that the catchphrase was once popular. "Indian" and "surprised" are inseparable combinations for Japanese over a certain age.

However, when I actually traveled in India, I was so surprised that it became increasingly unsurprising …It is not surprised at ordinary eventsIt is presumed that it is growing up.

So, what exactly is "surprising even the rarest Indians?"

・ I heard Indian people

So, for the Indian living in India,"Recently surprised"I decided to ask.

First of all, he invited me to my birthday party, a relationship that just happened to happenAlsha[12]. Indians are fat.

Set the translation app to Hindi and ask Arusha the question, "What's surprised you recently?" Now, what is her answer after thinking for a while …?

"Everyone celebrated their birthday!"

・ It was normal

Arsha-chan's response was so normal and I was "surprised" by being in English that I couldn't go deeper. In India, both Hindi and English seem to be official languages.

For a girl staring at me with clear eyes, I guess I can't say, "I'll give you a more punchy answer." The next aim is adults. Run a clothing storeViclam[36]

Vickram has released an adult pre-emption, "Which is better or sad?" This looks amazing.

"I'm sad now." Vicram pointed out his old image on the smartphone he had taken out, and sadly cut it out.

"It's about toss …"

・ It is ordinary and sad

By the way, according to Vicram, many people in India, where development is rapid, are suffering from "overdose of oil." He himself said, "I know, but I can't stop." He said, "It's hard to see him much older than his wife." So that's it…….

"My father is 95 years old, but I'm healthy because I don't take any chemicals. Compared to me," Vickram says with a sad expression. I want you to be very careful about your health.

By the way, if you look at the "Happy Surprise Story," it's "business is going well." The Indians said, Possibility of meaning of “surprise” not being transmittedCrossed his head.

·last stand

Lastly, I was taking care of breakfast “Omelet grilledUncle or MisterAn uncle who cooks omelets every day on the streets of India. He must have a very surprised story.

Taking advantage of my reflection, I decided to add my own experiences. "What's surprised you recently? By the way, I'm" broken with squid. "

Well, my uncle's answer is …

"Why don't you buy Sally than that?"

・ Indian suspected not to be surprised

Here are some recent surprises from interviews with Indians.

"Everyone celebrated my birthday."

"I lost Toshi"

"Buy Sally than that"

This result seems to be at least slightly off the “surprised” I imagined.

It is possible that the expression "surprised" for "surprised" was not well communicated. Or maybe the standards of "surprise" are different, and "what died" might be the "surprise" level in Japan.

Or in the first place for IndiansThere is no "surprise" itselfI think that there is a great possibility.

We will continue to investigate this matter.

Report:Ikuna Kamezawa

Photo: RocketNews24.
ScreenShot: Google Translate [iOS]

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