I asked Sen-chan (72 years old), the oldest distributor of the live distribution app “17 Live” “The essence of live distribution” / Sen-chan “First of all, enjoy yourself”

As you age, it becomes difficult to try new things. Life experience knows failure, and no matter what you do, it's a waste of thought, "Is that mean?" Don't go for the time being, let's do it for the time being.

I met a person who felt such a cowardly feeling.The oldest distributor “17-chan” of the live distribution app “17 Live” started live distribution at the age of 70. We are still carrying out a variety of delivery activities. Why did she start streaming live on her smartphone? Actually interviewed himself.

・ Sen-chan, the oldest live broadcaster

17 Live is a live distribution service centered on smartphone apps from Taiwan. The service started in Japan in September 2017, and there are currently about 42 million registered users worldwide. Although I (Sato) was late, I recently tried using an app to try live streaming in a short time.

In the first place, it is a live broadcast that only Ossan practiced pole dance. I know there is no demand for that. I know, can I close my potential by myself? For the time being, in the spirit of “Let's do it!”, I tried to distribute with courage.

But! The courage was crushed.Total viewing time is zero with approximately 30 minutes of distribution!That is, no one was looking at it. Uncle, scouring courage and exposing a little embarrassing, what does it mean that no one will come? I knew it was unreasonable, but I made an official inquiry because I was troubled by the place of emotion.

Sato"Why did anyone watch it live for 30 minutes, but no one was watching (angry)?"

Person in charge”“ I think it is related to the distribution results. It is easier for other users to find as much time as possible. It is also important to continue to distribute. ”

Sato“It ’s better to distribute as much as possible.”

Person in charge"I agree"

Sato"But when you look at the other distributors, aren't they all young?46-year-old “Elderly Bare” uncle deliveryCan't be seen by anyone! Tiki show that is decided to be the oldest distributor! "

Person in charge“I ’m still young. I ’m not the oldest. I ’m up.”

Sato"Eh? How many people are there?"

Person in charge “I am 72 years old.

That's how Senchan introduced me. She told me about the reason why she delivered live, how attractive it was, and how to continue it.

・ At first, delivery was scary

Sato"Sen-chan, thank you for today"

Senchan"Thank you for your support."

Sato“When did you start distributing?”

Senchan“I think it will be another year and a half. I think it was the end of February 2018 or the beginning of March.”

Sato"Are you currently delivering every day?"

Senchan"It's 4-5 days a week. It's often delivered on weekday mornings."

Sato"Did you know that this app exists in the first place?"

Senchan"I didn't know at all. I didn't even use my smartphone. My daughter taught me."

Sato"What about the internet environment?"

Senchan"It's all already. At first, I was also nervous about using a smartphone, because I'd push something strange (on the screen) and what would I do? Just don't do anything. "

Sato"That's right, because my father is still a garage. I don't feel like teaching a smartphone. I'm sure you won't understand it. Senchan's daughter was taught by Ichi. "

Senchan"I agree.At first, I was afraid to distribute it. I do n’t know what the reaction is. I didn't want to see it on the camera. "

Sato"Why did it come to continue distribution?"

Senchan"I was really happy with the reaction. I'm glad if you get comments and gift items. I feel that I'm glad that I'm glad that it's still going on."

・ Friendly and fun

Sato“Currently, Sen-chan ’s 17 Live account has over 1300 followers and likes over 1.3 million. I think it ’s seen by many people, but I ’m very careful about the distribution. What are you doing? "

Senchan"Anyway,I would like to be kind to people who see me. Since then, I try to have fun. The best thing is to continue to get along with everyone. ”

Sato‘Yes, there are people who complain about things that hurt people not only in live broadcasts, but also on SNS and in reality.

Senchan"That's right. Distributors, audiences (distribution viewers),Because there are places on the Internet that are like socializing in your neighborhood.. I think it ’s important to get along. ”

Sato"What are your family members saying about Senchan's delivery?"

Senchan"My daughter tells me a lot of things I don't know. The app and the distribution environment will change a lot. Check it and tell me."

Sato“Would you like to oppose your husband?”

Senchan“I don't disagree, but I'm curious (laughs). Sometimes I'm appearing only with a voice. People who are watching me say" (My husband) show me my face ~ " I do n’t want to give it out (laughs).

・ Enjoy yourself

Sato“Sen-chan, I actually tried to deliver it twice, but no one can see it.

Senchan“Everyone is right at first. I ’ve continued and sometimes“ depopulated. ”You should do what you like when no one is watching"


Senchan"Because,If no one is watching you don't have to worry about it, you should do what you like"

Sato"That's right! No one needs to hang out even if no one is watching !!"

Senchan"First of all, it's probably something that you enjoy yourself. The audience may be interrupted, but in such a case, it's important to have fun and wait for yourself. have fun"

Sato“Thank you, Senga-sen-chan! Thank you !!”

Talking with Sen-chan, I felt like I could afford something. I started live broadcasting at the age of 70, and I enjoyed it myself without being aware of it. That's how I got older and wanted to enjoy the broadcast myself.

Coverage cooperation:17 Live
Report:Hidenori Sato

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