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Introducing an interesting shape of "Gyoza Dog" to FamilyMart. This is normally delicious!

I tried Famima "Gyoza Dock"!

Appeared on Family Mart from Tuesday, April 14thDumplings dock". It looks like a Chinese bun fried just like dumplings, but what does it really taste like?

Open the bag of "Fami Chiki" you just bought.

See you! A strange shape! !!

The dough of Chinese bun seems to be fried and the surface is shiny.

When I put it on a plate, it was kind of cute (laughs).

When eaten, the outside of the dough is crispy and fragrant, and the inside is fluffy. The texture of the dough is similar to karin and bun.

The ingredients inside are more like Chinese dumplings than Chinese dumplings! The flavor of chili oil stands out, but it's not spicy, so don't worry if you're not good at it.

A crispy, crispy texture and flavored ingredients like Chinese. It's a new hot deli that you can eat with a meat-like fluffy dough fried like an American dog with a snack feeling.

The seasoning is not too rich and you can eat it easily, and since it has a lot of volume, you can be satisfied with one!

The "Gyoza Dock" is a mysterious shape, but the taste of Chinese royal road is delicious. Recommended for a hungry snack time! !!

Store: Family Mart
Product Name: Gyoza Dog
Price: 158 yen (tax included)
Official site:Gyoza Dog | Product Information | Family Mart

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