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Nestlé has released "KitKat Snacks" which is perfect for snacks! The combination of sweet KitKat and salty nuts is a combination that won't stop!

Birth of "KitKat Snacks" snacks

Nestlé's first KitKat snack "KitKat Snacks" will be released nationwide on July 20th.convenience storeNow on sale!

It's a mixture of three types of ball-type "KitKat", salted roasted amber, and rich cheese-flavored soybeans, so you won't stop eating easily.

Moreover, in commemoration of the launch, the original craft beer "Chocolate Almond Milk Stout Inspired by KITKAT" was specially brewed… It seems that KitKat made beer. There is no general sale plan here, it is a prize for the Twitter campaign.

I've got a special Kit Kit Snacks and Original Craft Ball, so I'll send you a real food report!

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