I ate Matsuya's "Super limited store limited" Georgian cuisine "Sukumerli" → I can't believe Matsuya

The other day Matsuya's official Twitter showed movements that could not be overlooked. At Matsuya, a temporary ambassador to Georgia in Japan,Sukumelli GyoenI retweeted a tweet about eating something.

"A secret that is sold only in some Matsuya stores[Emoji in the original]If you find a menu …With the comment. What is Sukumerli? And it is limited to some stores … This guy has no choice but to eat.

・ Up to 15th

Now, I usually get into the impression of Shukmerli from here, but this time there are things that I have to refuse first. Even if you read this article and head to Matsuya for Shukmeruri,There is already a great possibility that it is too late.

Because the sales period of Sukumerli is until December 15, 2019. On the contrary, at the daytime on the 14th, there was a place where some of the stores were already closed. I wanted to know more soon!

・ What is Shukumerli

Now, let's take a fresh look and start with the food of Shukmeli. According to a poster posted at Matsuya store

“White stew pot of“ garlic ”and“ melt cheese ”using chicken thigh

It seems that. Okay, chicken, garlic and cheese stew …Isn't it really horses!What a promised winning combination.

The price depends on the store, but it was 790 yen for rice and 730 yen without vegetables. And rice is free of charge. If there was such a menu, I wanted to know more quickly!

・ Gorochiki

Is cooking a time-consuming type? It seems unusual for Matsuya, and it took about 15 minutes. What came out … I see, chicken and sweet potatoes are soaked in a stew-like white sauce, topped with cheese and basil.

The first thing you notice before this isGarlic is not strong enoughThing. If you plan to meet people after meals, you may need to be careful. But as you all know, the correct garlic horse that works well.

The next thing to watch is chicken. This is irresistible because it's really big and big. This feeling,There is a place that leads to the legendary Gorochiki. Apparently Matsuya has established the perfect chicken size through Gorochiki.

It ’s not just chicken that ’s stuffy. Sweet potatoes also have plenty of big sizes. I didn't know the sweet potato in the stew, so I decided to postpone it.

And it is the cheese that was first sprinkled on the surface that puts it all together. This blends into the garlic stew,Eat infinitely in Trottro.


As a general commentDefinitely the strongest. You will be able to put a two-top as a garlic shukumerri against the spicy gorochiki. The single biggest drawback is that the sales period will end soon.

In other words, you can't eat anymore.I wanted to know sooner !!!It is unbearable to leave this horse with a single intake. If you don't eat about 10 more times, you are likely to have withdrawal symptoms.

But Matsuya … I'm not sure that I was hiding such stuff. Speaking of which "Matsuya World Trip, "Georgia”And so on.

I'm sure this will continue. I wonder if there are other secret menus that are limited to some stores. I can no longer trust Matsuya. It will be necessary to monitor the trend more closely in the future.

Reference source: Twitter @matsuya_foods

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Photo: RocketNews24.

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