I became rich and think of "failure"

◆ Discard the fear of “failure”
When you say "Let's start a business" or "Let's challenge", the response from the surroundings may be "What do you do if you fail?"

I have lost about 30 million yen in investment, and the company has crushed two companies. I also had experience with group employees leaving the company and being sued in court. Of course, it is still a series of failures.

But I don't care at all. Rather, it makes it possible to make the next decision more quickly and appropriately.

When you are doing well, you don't verify your behavior, so you realize that there is more to be gained when you fail. So I think that the more you fail, the more chance you have to grow.

Therefore, when I failed, I came to think that "Oh! Lucky!

If you think that “failure is just a process of trial and error following success,” it is just a process, you will not recognize failure as a simple failure. If you don't like this, you can try it out as if you're practicing sports.

The experience and the accumulation of trial and error will increase the speed of decision making and make appropriate decisions promptly. In addition, the number of writing jobs has increased recently, so any mistakes and hard experiences will be profitable.

There are two suggestions for those who feel that even after saying "failure is afraid". The first is "What makes you say failure?" The second is “What's wrong with failure?”

Is that really a failure?
The standard of failure may be each person, but the essence of failure is “the gap between aim and speculation” and it should be “an opportunity to clarify the next issue”.

Failure means "I thought it would be like this at first, but it didn't really happen", and as a result, "why it was different from what I thought, how to go next?" It is a scene that can be recognized.

So again, failure is essentially a very important learning opportunity. Conversely, not failing is one of the following:

1. “It worked as expected”
2. “I'm doing it without any particular aim”
3. “I haven't tried anything in the first place”

Of course, 1 is ideal. But 2 and 3 will not give you a chance to learn. Especially 3. If you are afraid of failure and do nothing, or do only what you can do within your current abilities, you will not evolve. It can just mean that you have to stay there.

◆ What is “failure” that you absolutely want to avoid?
So, let's define a serious trouble for me. For example, “I really want to avoid this situation”, “I can't restart when this happens”, “I can't recover physically and mentally”. By the way, my definition of "failure" is the following three.

・ Don't die for yourself or your loved ones
・ To drive others to death
・ To be sentenced to imprisonment for more than 10 years

If you die, everything is over. I can't get anything back. But there are always good things to do if you are alive, and you can redo and reverse. So I have decided not to do anything that could kill me, such as skydiving, climbing a snowy mountain, or dealing with gangsters.

It is also a failure for me to let others die. I can imagine that it would be a trauma, and it would be difficult to recover mentally. So, except to protect yourself and your family's life, you decide that you will never use violence. Driving a car is now safe enough to add a “super”.

The third reason is that it seems that the feeling of wasting life is likely to break. Considering the weight of what can be done in 10 years, it is still difficult. That's why I don't deal with illegal things that I can't do with "I'm sorry", and if I have time, I read the law book and try not to get into trouble.

And everything else is not a failure for me. Because any other result can be redone. Because the heart can be revived. You can see why I can challenge most things.

Of course this is my standard and you will be different. Even if I try to imitate, it seems that the voice of "I can't do it!" However, if you define your own “I want to avoid this” level, the range of challenges can be expanded.

◆ What's wrong with that failure?
Next, let's concretely imagine what is troubled as a result of trying and failing. For example, “losing money” is a failure that most ordinary people fear. Starting a business doesn't work, and the cost of living is bottoming out. It may be a typical example to make a loss by investing.

However, for example, if you start a business, fail, and your living expenses run out, you can just go back to the office worker. Revenue may decrease, but you can move to a low-rent house. If you can't get a job, you can eat a part-time job.

If this is not possible, you can apply for welfare. If you receive welfare, you will be introduced to cheaper rents, free medical expenses, and public transportation at discounted prices.

Will it be a failure to be covered by debts and difficult to repay? No, all you need to do is “self bankruptcy”. Self-bankruptcy is a legal remedy system and does not destroy life or life. You can open a bank account normally, and you can go abroad for both school and company.

For seven years after bankruptcy, activities such as making a loan, making a credit card, or other economic creditworthiness are restricted. However, after seven years, self-bankruptcy information will disappear from the personal credit information database, and you will be able to build loans and make credit cards. There will be a lawyer fee, but you can pay in installments, so there will be no burden.

And even if you receive welfare or self-bankruptcy, there is no problem in starting a new business or getting a job somewhere and working. It ’s totally free. If you think so, you can see that “money failure” is something you don't care about.

Is that really embarrassing?
If you say so, there may be a counter-argument: “What are you talking about? Certainly, there is some inconvenience, but that is the extent. Because welfare and self-bankruptcy are well-established systems established by the government, there is no reason not to use them if you feel the need.

So the people who make noise are small.

So why is the ball smaller? One reason is that you have “disease”. Another reason is “self-consciousness”.

People with luxury disease will not be able to lower their standard of living, such as moving to a cheap rent, not being able to eat out or buying new clothes. An inconvenient environment cannot be tolerated and you cannot accept such a person. However, if you are in your 40s or older, you can tell if you remember it, but there should have been nothing when you were a child.

Like my parents, there was no air conditioner or flush toilet. The bath is Goemon bath with no shower. Every day my parents sprinkled a bowl and used hot water in the bath.

Also, because there was no high airtightness and high thermal insulation technology as at present, winter is cold in the house and hot in the summer. Of course, there are no mobile phones or computers. That's why I don't want to go back to that environment, but if I know that time, I get used to a little inconvenience and don't care.

So, if you get poor, you can feel free to move to the Boro apartment.

◆ Others are not interested in you
Also, other people are not looking at themselves and are not interested as much as they think. Others hardly care about their failure. If you care about a moment, you forget it right away.

I personally reported that my relatives went bankrupt, an acquaintance started a business, but failed and returned to an office worker, borrowed a Tokyo Big Sight and planned a huge event, but people didn't gather and it was a big deficit … You may hear it.

Of course, it was a very difficult experience for him. Nonetheless, it feels like “hee” and it ’s not more than that. Looking at that prominent Tsubasa Yosawa, I feel that “I was able to have a very valuable experience at that young age”.

The fear of failure is the “embarrassing” world. A person who feels that eating a part-time meal, receiving welfare, bankruptcy or self-bankruptcy is “too much self-consciousness” is too “self-conscious”.

In the first place, what is the true nature of “the world” that I care about? For example, colleagues at work, subordinates, neighbors, families and relatives. Who is going to look great at all?

In the first place, “the world” is a gathering of “ordinary people” and “the public”. For example, even if your acquaintances and neighbors talk to you about their rumors, they don't contribute to your success. What is a worthy lookout for such people?

There is no idea that first-class people are stupid at seeing the disadvantages of others. Because they usually have a life of ups and downs, and they know instinctively that it is a foolish behavior to tell others how to look only at the current situation.

And of course, they know that failure is a valuable asset. In the United States, those who have never failed are vulnerable to adversity and frustration due to lack of experience, so there are even individual investors who give priority to entrepreneurs who have crushed the company even once.

In other words, even if there is a person who laughs at you, no matter how you think about it, it doesn't matter, so it doesn't matter. You don't have to worry about the eyes of a good person and feel "embarrassed". So, if you think you ’re good, that ’s OK.

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