I bought TOKYO 2020 goods in preparation for the "Tokyo Olympics" which will be postponed next year

By the impact of the global spread of the new coronavirus, Olympic Tokyo was scheduled to be held on 2020, it was announced to be postponed after one year in prospect. It is expected that the specific timing will be adjusted in the future.

I think that athletes all over the world, not only Japanese players, feel sad. I hope that the corona convergence will become a great sporting festival. I purchased TOKYO 2020 goods with the support.Wearing this, I [Sato] would like to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics next year.

・ Official shop

TOKYO2020's official shops are located in major cities nationwide. Andonline storeBut they sell official goods.

What I visited was the Big Camera Shinjuku Nishiguchi store with the nearest official shop. On the second floor here is the Tokyo 2020 official shop, Shinjuku West Exit.

・ Items purchased

I actually purchased three.

First of all"Look of the Games muffler towel"[1300 yen excluding tax]. Even in everyday pole dance practice, towels are indispensable, so I purchased them this time.

continue"Flat cap"[2800 yen without tax]. I usually lay my hair down with pomade,Frustrated hairAnd if you do not put on the hairdressing material, it will explode. When off, do not wear pomade. Therefore, it is not possible to walk around the city without a hat, so buy a cap.

At the end"T-shirt"[2,500 yen without tax]. No matter what, I just wanted to buy this one. If it will be held next year, I do not know if it will be TOKYO 2020 or TOKYO 2021, but I want to wear a kore and watch the game anyway.

The Tokyo Olympics next year will be a very significant event. It would be no exaggeration to say that if the world's spread of infection can be brought to a close, the world will unite and overcome the hardships. If we were able to regain peaceful everyday life and open a sporting celebration, it wouldn't be natural.

So, I want to wear this and scream like this. Good luck Japan!世界 Not the best world!開 催 If it can be held safely, it is just a gold medal.

writing:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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