I built a garage so I can't let go!オ ー ナ ー The owner who maintained his car for 16 years and set up a garage for his car | Eunos Roadster V Special Vol.3

The owner, Michito Endo, obtained a license and chose a roadster as his first car.

At that time, this was not to say that I was interested in cars, but that I was longing for an open car after seeing an acquaintance on the S2000.

The car was chosen for such an easy reason, but when it was actually owned, it became captivating. And 16 years early if you notice.

Now it's so important that I made a built-in garage. The lovely roadster is still shining in the garage today.

By the way, Endo is a former Mazda dealer mechanic and now an instructor at a car maintenance school.

Because of this background, I do everything except sheet metal work myself. Roadsters with such owner's affection are shiny in both interior and exterior.

He humbled, "I have lost the opportunity to let go, and have owned it all the time." He commented humbly, "I've built a garage so I can't let go anymore." The days of watching the roadster from inside the room will continue for a while.

The B6 type not only has absolute power performance, but also has a fast response and sound, as well as "the appearance appropriate for a sports car engine". The interview vehicle was a very clean engine room.

The exhaust system and engine are normal, but the exhaust manifold has been replaced by Maxim Works.

Meter panel that combines large diameter speed & octopus with plating ring, small diameter fuel, oil pressure and water temperature.

The rear emblem varies depending on the displacement and the model year. Black is 1.6ℓ, red before the minor change of 1.8ℓ in 1995, and green after that.

About 8 years ago, a built-in garage was built along with home remodeling. Although it is not an extremely large space, it has a nice atmosphere with spotlights installed in a pure white space. In addition, you can view your car from the room where you store your favorite drum set, guitar, fishing equipment, etc.

Hachimaru Hero May 2019 vol.53 [All the contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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