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I could do it! Portrait photography course "Getting results in the shortest time" Part 3 8 points that should be "recognized" in portrait photography

A latecomer who started from scratch after 30 years old introduces photography techniques with the theme "How to get the best in the shortest time."The first thing I told was the cognitive skills needed for shooting. next"How to organize recognized information". From this time, we will explain the specific points of “recognition and organization” in two parts.

First, let's fully recognize the lens and settings

Recognize and organize cameras

The pictures you can take depend on the camera and lens you have. Recognize them and organize what pictures you can take.

  • Shooting with an "85mm lens"

  • Taken with a 24mm lens

The first photo was taken with a standard 85 mm lens. You can take a picture with little distortion and close to the sight you see. The second one is a 24mm lens called wide-angle. I was able to create a sense of reality with a sense of perspective. In recent cosplay shooting, wide-angle lenses are often used to create an anime-like feeling.

Recognize settings

That is, to recognize exposure, f-number, and ISO sensitivity. It may be the first step to taking the picture you want to take.

  • Shooting at f / 8.0

  • Shooting at f / 2.0

The first one has a high f-number of 8.0 [squeezed], so the background is clearly visible. On the other hand, the other shot was taken with the f-number at 2.0 and open. Although it may be a bit difficult to understand because you are shooting through a window, the background is blurred and your eyes are focused on the subject that is in focus.

Recognize light

Have you ever heard the word “read the light”? Whether reading or not, "photography" means "painted with light", so light is certainly the essence of photography. How to recognize light is one of the real thrills of photography.

  • Shoot in backlight

  • Shoot in direct light

The first photo was taken in so-called backlight. By letting the light between the arms, I controlled the light entering the face and released the shutter [because putting too much light into the lens would make the person darker]. The other is a direct-light photograph in which light is shining from the front of the subject. Sunlight is often hated by photographers, but it is easy to add shadows so you can take interesting photos. Here, I tried to accent the shadow of the fence.

Recognize the environment

Naturally, the pictures that can be taken vary depending on the time, season, and weather, such as morning, noon, and evening. For outdoor portraits, imagine what kind of photo you want to take and think about the right time and place.

  • Taken in the morning

  • Shoot in the evening

The left one was taken in the morning and the right one was taken in the evening. Even in the same place and pose, the light direction and color are different, so the impression of the photo is different.

By the way, it is often said that "Portrait is cloudy", but a sunny day is recommended for practice to recognize light.

Next time, I will introduce the remaining 4 points to be recognized.

Text / Photo:Yasuto Sekine [Nessie]

model:Fire General Rossiel

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