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I could do it! Portrait photography course "Getting results in the shortest time" The 8th focus is "Adjusting to the point you want to show most"

A latecomer who started from scratch after 30 years old introduces photography techniques with the theme "How to get the best in the shortest time."6thWhen7thNow we have recognized the camera and told you how to adjust the brightness and color. This time, I will explain the points about "focus".

Auto and manual, two focus modes

Focus on it. Of course, it is a very important factor. But the point is easy. Focus on the point you want to show most in the photo. Only this. Paradoxically, if you don't know where you want to match the point, you may not want to release the shutter.

The focus can be roughly divided into two types: "auto focus" and "manual focus". As the name implies, auto focus automatically focuses on areas where frames overlap. On the other hand, manual focus is achieved by turning the focus ring of the lens.

In the case of a digital camera, the former is overwhelmingly used, but when using an old lens, it may be necessary to adjust manually. At first, autofocus is fine.

  • This is a so-called front bokeh photo. Focus is on the subject's eyes

Use two types of autofocus

There are two types of autofocus: "Single AF [AF-S]" and "Continuous AF [AF-C]". Sounds difficult. I didn't even know what it was at first.

Single AF locks the focus when the shutter button is pressed halfway. It is mainly used when shooting landscapes and still life. On the other hand, Continuous AF keeps focusing when the shutter button is pressed halfway. In other words, it is very useful when shooting moving subjects. This time, I shot a walking subject, so I set it to Continuous AF.

  • I took it with AF-C because I was walking

Convenient face recognition function

Recent cameras often have a "face recognition function" and "pupil autofocus function". In portraits, the focus is on focusing on the face of a person, except when there is a particular characteristic of clothing or style. So it would be ant to use a convenient focus function.

By the way, in a portrait, the face, or even the pupil, is easy to attract the eyes of the viewer. As the saying goes, "Eyes speak as much as the mouth", but recipients think that there is important information on the face or eyes from past experience.

Note that this is not the correct answer, but when focusing on the pupil, you can achieve a natural finish by focusing on the front pupil.

  • This focuses your eyes on the near side

Text / Photo:Yasuto Sekine [Nessie]


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