I decided on my mind since I saw the back view when I was a student! Mitsubishi Galant GTO 2000 SL-5 1

Galant GTO was a car of memories for owner Akemi Oguro. He said he had decided to ride the Galant GTO since he saw his back when he was a student. As a member of society, the first thing I purchased was Galant GTO2000SL. And immediately got the Galant GTO2000GSR.

In the early 70s, attractive cars were everywhere in the city. Despite enjoying the Galant GTO for a while, the temptation sneaked into Oguro.

"I wanted to get on the over-fender Fairlady 240Z and let go of the GTO. At that time, the Fairlady 240ZG had a premiere and was about $ 2,100, which exceeded the new car price."

And he let go of the Galant GTO and became the owner of the Fairlady 240Z. The Galant GTO turned into a memorable car while feeling the fair power of Fairlady.

After that, I switched to several cars, but I couldn't forget the style of the Galant GTO, such as feelings that I could never forget my first love woman.

Although it can be said to be a hard top, it is described as "hip-up coupe" in the catalog. The raised shape at the top of the rear tail lamp was characteristic.

Aluminum wheel with Mitsubishi mark on center cap is genuine option.

Curved glass was adopted for the window to realize a tumble home. Since there is no window frame, when you open the door, you can easily understand its shape.

A sports visor that was a genuine option of Galant GTO. It is made up of a ground and horizontal slit bar, which prevents direct sunlight on the rear seat without hindering the rear view.

In order to obtain high-speed stability, a shape called a tumble platform such as an airplane or a ship is adopted. We tried to reduce the effects of crosswinds with a rounded body line.

Nostalgic Hero Vol.145 June 2011 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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