I decided to use the eco bag of the super-discount supermarket "Super Tamade" in Osaka because it is the cutest in the world!!

From July 1, 2019, it became obligatory to charge a plastic shopping bag, and more and more people are seeing pictures and articles of eco bags and my bags. The author says, "I understand environmental problems, but it's a hassle to carry eco bags or carry shopping bags," but I've been thinking about buying shopping bags every time.

At that time, I had an eco bag that I thought "I want this!!" The eco bagCheap supermarket "Super Tamade" in Osaka.. I think everyone wants it because it's so cute!!

・Cheap supermarket in Osaka "Super Tamade"

If you are a citizen of Osaka prefecture, you will know "Super Tamade". Since it is often talked about, such as the flashy appearance, the famous 1-yen sale, and the sale of the clione called "Drift Ice Fairy," I think it has a high national profile.

I'm from Kanto, soWhen I first saw it, I thought it was a "pachinko parlor" because of its flashy appearance and the name "Tamaide.".. After all, the pachinko parlor that appeared in Nintendo's "Takeshi's Challenge" was called "Pachinko ball ball del".

Information has come around that such supermarket Tamade pre-sold eco bags at some stores. A design that extrudes a sunflower flower, which should be called a Tamade logo and a trademark, to the front. I want it. I want it honestly.

However, at this time of year, I can't go to Osaka often, so I think it's so popular that all stores will start selling it! ‥You guys want it!

・I got the long-awaited eco bag of Super Tamade.

That's why I got an eco bag. Reasonable price of 98 yen excluding tax. If you can get a cute one at this price, it should be enough.

The size is horizontal: about 31.5 cm, vertical: about 32.5 cm [not including the handle], and the depth is about 20 cm, which is a convenient size. And above all, it was printed on both sides with yellow letters on red fabricSuper Tamade logo is super cute.. I think mast buy is a word for this eco bag.

If I have one anxiety personally, it is "strength". I used to have the same type of eco bag before, but it broke while I was using it. As with all eco bags, excessive use is prohibited.

However, the tax is 98 yen, so if you think it's getting weaker, you can buy again. If you want a reasonable and cute eco bag, why not consider a super Tamade eco bag?

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