I didn't intend to become independent until just before I left the company! ? Why did an IT company's office worker turn into the FC owner of Kanazawaya?

“Kanazawaya” is a chain that specializes in the replacement of bran, shoji and screen doors. As a franchise owner of the “Sabae Seijo”, Yoshiyasu Suwasawa, who was independent and opened in September 2018, was originally an office worker in the IT industry. What is the reason why Mr. Serizawa, who has worked for a foreign IT company for nearly 30 years, joined “Kanazawaya” in a different industry? In the first place, why did you quit the office worker at the age of 51 and chose independence / opening in a franchise? Looking back on the time of opening, he spoke frankly about his thoughts and circumstances leading to independence.

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