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I don't see the smoke! “ Compact smoke absorber '' that keeps your eyes from smearing with soldering smoke


Shanghai wholesaler has released a compact smoke absorber that absorbs smoke generated during soldering. The price is 2,180 yen [excluding tax].

■ USB and dry battery 2way use

This product is a very small smoke absorber that can be operated with dry batteries or USB power. During the soldering process, when smoke rises toward the face and enters the eyes, there are times when the smoke gets a little in the eyes. In such a case, if this is present, it will absorb the smoke generated during the work, so the smoke will not be applied to the face and can be soldered comfortably.

Although it is small in size, the suction power is modest, but it would be useful if you had a little soldering work on the desk.

When working, place it next to the soldering area. The power supply operates with two AA batteries or USB with a faster fan. When the power is turned on, the fan turns around and sucks smoke. It seems to be used for grilling alone.

■ Product specifications
Power supply: AA batteries x 2 or USB [5V] * Battery sold separately
Size: approx. 60mm [vertical] x approx. 93mm [horizontal] x approx. 29mm [thickness] Weight: about 77g
Material: plastic, metal
Accessories … USB cable
Warranty ····· Initial purchase 2 weeks after purchase




Compact solder smoke absorber for USB / dry batteries

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