I don't want to think … how much money will I spend if my husband dies?

◆ How much will my spending decrease when my husband dies?
You may not have thought much, or even seriously, but let's have a cool look at how your household balance will change after your husband dies.

My husband is a company employee, my wife is a full-time housewife, one child, and I live in my home. Please take it as a zackly image.

First, when the husband dies, group credit life insurance pays off the same amount as the remaining mortgage debt, which eliminates the need to repay the mortgage.

Next, no need for husbands. In addition, there will be no need to pay for her husband's food and drink, clothing, medical care, haircuts, etc.

Assuming that the mortgage is 70,000 yen, the payment is 30,000 yen, and the others are 20,000 yen, the monthly expenditure will be reduced by 120,000 yen.

In addition, single-parent families have free medical expenses for mothers and children until the end of the year when the child is 18 years old, or there is a “ single-parent family medical expenses subsidy program '' that can be reduced, so it is replaced by a specific amount. No, but you will be able to reduce your + α spending.

In addition, when it comes to mother-child homes, children's nursery fees are often cheaper.

Summarizing the story so far, it can be said that the death of her husband has the economic effect of reducing spending of 120,000 yen + α per month.

◆ How much income will my husband lose?
On the other hand, when the husband dies, the fixed income of salary disappears. Instead, survivors' pensions will be available from the state [specifically, the public pension system].

The amount of the survivor's pension varies depending on conditions such as the salary of the husband before birth and the number of children, but for this family we will estimate 130,000 yen per month.

What happens if we consider the “expenses reduced by dying husband” mentioned above as income? It is considered that there is an income of 250,000 yen + α [130,000 yen + 120,000 yen + α] [child allowance is not considered].

Recently, there are many dual-working couples, and now even full-time housewives will start working when their husbands die, so if you increase your wife's income you will be able to live for the time being.

"I don't need life insurance in the first place!" I heard, but in fact it isn't.

Even if the beneficiary's pension and his wife's income helped him manage his monthly life, he would not be able to afford his child's education fund, savings for unexpected expenses, and his wife's retirement fund.

So, after all, security of life insurance is necessary. However, the amount of insurance should not be such that her husband dies and receives insurance money to live a better life.

By the way, when your husband dies, you can see how much money you actually don't cost by keeping a household account book by person [by family, such as husband, wife, eldest son, eldest daughter], and by cost.

Sentence = Chihiro Ogawa

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