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Even in reality, we need to accumulate "experience" like a game. This time, let's introduce an experience visualization app that will fulfill such romance.

Numerical real experience!

The main character of the RPG is the one that accumulates experience value by doing "adventure". "Past prefecture value -Kenkenchi-』, The app will be quantified as" experience "the prefectures you have been to. I'm a moderate traveller (self-proclaimed), so maybe I have enough experience to defeat the Demon King! Maybe a modern hero!

What is your experience value?

By the way, first of all, the travel history is summarized from the south, such as "Okinawa", "Fukuoka" "Tottori" "Osaka" "Kyoto" "Nara" "Yamanashi" "Tochigi" "Niigata" "Yamagata" "Miyagi" "Akita" Shall I? There are places where the memories are vague, but I think it was like this.

Start the application immediately and check the prefectures you have visited from the list. It can be checked just by tapping, so it seems to be quite crisp. When I enthusiastically tapped "Okinawa", several options came out.

Apparently, even in the same prefecture, there is a difference in experience values ​​for "living," "accommodation," "visiting," "grounding," "passing," and "unexplored." By the way, it seems that the number of "residents" is the highest and the score is added. I can't remember this time, so ignore the "grounding" and "passing" and fill it out. It's a bit wasteful, but the result is …

57 points! Well, is this expensive? When I asked my friend to do the same app, I was beaten out with "75 points" and lost miserably. However, regardless of the result, it will be exciting if everyone competes for experience. The fun of traveling is likely to increase a little.

Economic value -Kenkenchi- ・ Distributor: Momoko Sato
・ DL price at the time of publication: Free
・ Category: Travel
・ Capacity: 260.2 MB
・ Version: 1.0.6
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

© Momoko Sato

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