I found "Charman Shield" that was so popular that it was out of stock at Lawson!!

As anyone who has worn a face shield knows, it's pretty hard to keep wearing that….. Since the film is close to the face, it is clouded by exhalation and there is a feeling of pressure. If the situation permits, there is a pain that you want to remove immediately. Products that completely eliminate the spiciness are gaining explosive popularity.

Face shield "Shallman shield" made by "Sharman", the largest eyeglass frame manufacturerIs. The online store seems to be out of stock, but there are actually convenience stores that have stock. You may be able to buy it at Lawson or Natural Lawson!

・Out of stock at online store

From August 13, 2020, the company started selling headband type Charmant Shield, which is an evolution of conventional products. With a pretty frame,When worn on the head, it looks like a "cat ear"Is characteristic. This was featured in TV news programs and attracted attention all at once, and now [August 27, 2020] online stores are out of stock.

If you think you aren't selling anywhere,I happened to find a regular type at Natural Lawson and I was able to purchase one.. The price for regular type is 900 yen excluding tax. A cat ear headband type that uses a high-performance film costs 1800 yen per set tax.

The set includes two frames, two films, and a tube for size adjustment. The film is attached to the frame, and the shield is complete.

・When I wear it

When I put it on, I was surprised at the high transparency of the film.Nanikore is very easy to see! Invisibility!Compared to the face shield you often see in town, it is much clearer and has a better view! Despite the film in front of me, there is almost no feeling of pressure.

There is an appropriate distance between your face and the film, so you don't have to worry about hitting the film even if you wear glasses. It's a great design for glasses. As expected, it is a frame maker for glasses. I understand the feelings of glasses!

・Notification email at the time of arrival

This is a regular type, but you can also wear it like a headband. Wear a mask and wear this shield to protect your face from top to bottom! There is almost no chance. It's also great because there is no pressure! By the way, it seems that the headband type looks like cat ears,Isn't this too cat-eary? How? cute?

It seems that women appreciate the fact that makeup is not easily damaged, so Ikuna Kamezawa of our editorial department puts it on…

Yup! It's not cute!

In addition,On the official website of Charmant, we accept "Notification mails upon arrival"So if you want to buy it, please check it. Also, there may be Lawson Natural Lawson still in stock, so check the store as well.

Reference source:Charmant,Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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