I got on a real Delorean! "Back to the Future" DMC12, which is also loved by Doc, is a time-honored car that is not a time machine / Odaiba "Mega Web"

Tonight's Friday Road Show is "Back to the Future PART3"! This work, which decorates the finale of the Back to the Future series,A work in which the human side of Doc is drawn deeperIt is no exaggeration to say that.

The "Delorian DMC12" is the base of the time machine that holds the key to the story of such a dog's favorite car. Produced for only one year from 1981, there were only 8500 cars in the world at the time.It's a phantom car..

It is no longer a historical dish. Not easy to see.I thought it was displayed in Odaiba, so I went there.. Real, real!

・Mega Web

The DeLorean DMC12 is on display at Toyota's showcase "Mega Web" in Venus Fort, Odaiba. The history garage in it is a space where not only Toyota but also world famous cars that have colored the times are exhibited.

Of course, it's not a replica, but everything is genuine. According to Toyota staff,Maintained day and night so that you can run in active dutyOr something. I'm afraid that test drive events are held 2-3 times a year.

・At the center of famous cars

The Detroit DMC12 was exhibited in the center of the history garage square.Stainless steel bodyHas a unique luster, and the gull wing that opens up to reach the sky has an outstanding presence.

Looking back, the futuristic futuristic design looks like a toy, but considering that you can actually get in, you will not get so much tension.It feels like the dream I had when I was a kid appeared in front of me..

・Independent to build this car from a major company

In addition, John Zachary Delorean who created this car is the person who served as the top and vice president of the Chevrolet division of the automobile manufacturer "General Motors" known for Chevrolet and others. After leaving General Motors in 1973,To create your own ideal carEstablished Delorian Motor Company and created DMC12.

In short, it can be said that this car is also filled with the dreams of John Zachary Delorean. It's just a mass of dreams. About 40 years after the end of production, it is probably loved even now that it is adopted in the Back to the Future series,Don't forget that this car had a dream..

・I got on

This exhibition usually has a fence around the car. However, this time I got a special permission from the Toyota staff to get in the car, so I tried to sit in the driver's seat. There are only two seats inside the car, a driver seat and a passenger seat. It's crunchy shakotan, so if you crouch downThe leather seat is comfortable to sit on..

Of course, there is no time circuit like Back to the Future, but the radio and air conditioning buttons are arranged between the driver's seat and the passenger seat, and the design of the button is similar to the Minica that Okan once owned. There is.I felt 81 years in the gap with the futuristic design of the appearance..

・Time is exceeded without being a time machine

The DeLorean DMC12, which somehow conveys the atmosphere, air, and dreams of the time. Even if it is not a time machine, it is definitely a time-honored car.

It is said that the popularity of this showroom is divided into two parts, the Delorian DMC12 and the 2000GT. For that reason, Delorian often appears in test drive events. Currently, it is said that there is no schedule for a test drive event due to the influence of the new Corona, so if you want to ride it, check the event of Mega Web.

・Information on the stores introduced this time

Store nameMegaweb Toyota City Showcase
Street address1-3-12 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
business hoursHistory garage 11:00-19:00 [business hours are being reduced]

Report:Seiji Nakazawa

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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