I have eaten all three kinds of rice burgers such as McDonald's “ Rice Bacon Lettuce '' where grilled rice balls × classic burgers and evening meals


I have eaten all three kinds of rice burgers such as McDonald's “ Rice Bacon Lettuce '' where grilled rice balls × classic burgers and evening meals

Plump cooked domestic rice is savory with soy sauce and rice buns, sandwiched with McDonald's classic bacon lettuce burger ingredients.Rice bacon lettuce]Has appeared on Wednesday, February 5, 2020. The night-only rice burger that can be ordered from 17:00 is said to be McDonald's as it is said that a surprising combination of solid rice satisfaction and a standard hamburger tool will hit the hungry at the end of the day directly. I went and ordered.

News Release | McDonald's Japan

Volume Up Night Mac | McDonald's Japan

Arrived at McDonald's. I will order three kinds of burgers right away.

From left: rice bacon lettuce (410 yen including tax), rice teriyaki (390 yen including tax), rice chicken filleo (410 yen including tax).

If you compare the heights, there is volume in the order of "rice chicken filleo", "rice bacon lettuce", "rice teriyaki".

First of all, from rice bacon lettuce. Compared to the standard menu bacon lettuce burger ordered at the same time, you can see that rice buns are slightly smaller than ordinary bun bread.

On the other hand, the height has risen to rice burgers.

The ingredients are lettuce, cheddar cheese, bacon and beef patties. Bacon lettuce burger When you eat it with a combination of ingredients and rice as it is, while feeling a little uneasy …

Although the taste of mustard mayonnaise on lettuce, the richness of cheese, the smokyness of bacon, and the deliciousness of beef patties each insist, it was felt that the taste of each ingredient was harmonious as a side dish of rice. Rice buns have a crispy texture outside and a chewy texture inside, and this has a slight flavor of soy sauce, so it is finished as a hamburger that can taste the presence of rich rice while having the impression of bacon lettuce burger as a whole You.

Next, we eat "rice rice".

The contents are lettuce and pork patty.

When I ate it, I couldn't help but feel the feeling of "rice + teriyaki" as expected. The sweet and spicy flavor of teriyaki sauce and sweet lemon sauce combined with the unique fragrance of pork patties is excellent with rice, and there is almost no discomfort. If you are interested in a rice burger but do not want to go on an adventure … I recommend this rice teriyaki.

I ate the rice "rice chicken filleo". The ingredients are lettuce and chicken patties.

The combination of crunchy rice buns, crisp lettuce, and crispy chicken patties allows you to enjoy a variety of textures with a single bite. Speaking of the taste, although there is a discovery that the flavor of the aurora sauce is surprisingly good for rice, it is honest that the protein taste of chicken tends to lose to the soy sauce rice buns, and the impression that it is a little odd as a whole .

However, the response of eating chicken patties and rice in clothes is one of the three rice burgers, so if you are looking for volume, I felt it was best to order rice chicken filleo.

"Gourmet rice", "Gourd bacon lettuce", and "Grilled chicken filleo" can be purchased from Wednesday, February 5, 2020, but you need to be careful because you can only order it until the time of the night Mac from 17:00.

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