I have eaten “ Niku Katsu Niku Burger '' with tears like meat sandwiching meat with meat with Mos Burger


I have eaten “ Niku Katsu Niku Burger '' with tears like meat sandwiching meat with meat with Mos Burger

Mos BurgerHamburger using "soy patty" without meatAnd"Natsumi" series with lettuce bunsIt is familiar with a menu full of vegetables such as, but on the 29th of every month “ meat day '' I turned buns into meatGarlic cutlet burger"and"Spicy Kiku Niku BurgerIs provided. Since 2020 is a leap year, there is only “ February 29 '' once every four years, so in order to commemorate this, Mos Burger celebrated the five days from February 25 (Tue) to 29 (Sat) “Meee Day Weeeeek!In the same period, we offered two kinds of meat-only garlic cutlet burgers during the same period, so we ate immediately.

Moss Meat Day Weeeeek! | Mos Burger Official Site

2020 is a leap year! "Meat Day Weeeeek!" Is held to commemorate February 29 (meat day) once every four years. February 25

Arrived at Mos Burger.

About 10 minutes after ordering, two kinds of garlic cutlet burgers were provided.

I can't tell which one is spicy or savory burger …

If you look closely at the burger that is spicy and cutlet, you will see a sticker called "Spicy" on the package.

Niku Katsu Niku Burger is sandwiched between teriyaki chicken and roast cutlet with patties instead of buns.

The Patty was just half as big as the 158.0mm iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Below the patty is a green leaf and a teriyaki chicken that is grilled twice with a whole chicken thigh cooked over an open fire and teriyaki chicken sauce.

Below that, lettuce and roast cutlet. What is sandedRoasted burgerIt is the same moss original low cutlet as, but it is finished with soy sauce based Japanese style sauce instead of katsu sauce.

At the bottom of the package was a Japanese style sauce.

Niku Katsu Niku Burger has three kinds of meat, Patti, Teriyaki Chicken and Roast Cutlet, but when you try it, the compatibility is not so bad. The roast cutlet is good because the crunchy pork loin and the crispy fried clothes accent the texture. Teriyaki chicken also has a firm skin, so you can enjoy the juiciness while pretending. The protagonist is changing rapidly depending on the place to eat, and the supporting roles that can not be the protagonist such as green leaf and patty have a firm balance of the whole, and even if there is such food from the beginning, there is no discomfort at all No level.

The spicy savory burger is no different from the savory savory burger.

It looks the same, but jalapeno was sandwiched between roast cutlet and lettuce. Jalapeno is a bit spicy, so it can be said that it is barely spicy. For those who are not good at spicy items, we recommend a regular version of garlic cutlet burger.

In addition, two kinds of garlic cutlet burgers can be ordered on "Meat Day Weeeeek!" From February 25th to 29th, and only on the 29th day of the meat day.

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