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I knew? You can search for flight information by flight number: iPhone Tips-Engadget Japan Version

iPhone TipsDid you know that you can search flight information by flight number on iOS? You can check the terminal and gate to board, so you don't have to get lost at the airport.

Another feature is that the approximate flight position is displayed. Knowing the situation, such as "I'm flying around here" or "I'm about an hour away", it might be useful to pick up my family and friends from the airport.

So, here are the steps.

Flight numbers are recognized as links

Flight information can be obtained from various apps. For example, if you wrote your itinerary in the "Memo" app, the airline code and number [such as ABC123] will be recognized as a flight number and will automatically be underlined and become a link. Let's tap this link. Then select "Flight Preview".

iPhone Tips
▲ Tap the flight number "AF 275" written in "Memo" [left]. Then select "Preview flight" [right]

Then the flight information will be displayed. You can check the departure / arrival time, boarding gate, flight time, and the current flight position.

iPhone Tips
▲ Flight information is displayed. You can check the current approximate flight position

You can also find out from the "Messages" app. When you receive the text with the flight number, it will be displayed as a link, so press and hold the link [you can also tap]. Select a flight location map or "Preview Flight" to view flight information.

iPhone Tips
▲ Long press on flight number [left]. Tap either on the map or “Preview flight” [right]

OK even if you search for flight number

If it is not displayed as a link, select a flight number and search. You can check the information by selecting a flight from the candidate list.

iPhone Tips
▲ The screen is the “mail” application. Select the flight number and tap "Search" [left]. Select a flight from the candidate list to display flight information [right]

Of course, you can also search for "Safari". Enter your flight number and select from the suggestions. I have not tried all, but it seems that you can check domestic flights as well as cheap airline flights.

iPhone Tips
▲ Enter flight number. Select a flight from the suggestions [left]. It seems to be compatible with many airlines in Japan and overseas [right]


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