I left my Android phone somewhere!?-Why I can't hear about Android

If you left your Android device somewhere or lost it, you can easily locate your current position by using the "Find device" app distributed on Google Play. However, some preparation is required to use this app.

In order to find the current location of the lost Android device, the target Android device must be powered on, signed in with a Google account, and able to communicate via mobile line or Wi-Fi . In addition, you need to turn on the target device in Google Play settings (, and turn on the "Find device" switch in the settings app.

If those settings are completed, you can check the current location of your Android device with the "Find device" app. In addition to checking your current location, you can also sound an alarm, protect your device (lock it to display a message or contact phone number on the screen) and erase device data (completely erase your device data It is also possible to prevent further damage by preventing the leak of information).

If you don't have an Android device and can't use the "Find device" app, you can search it on your computer or other smartphone. You use the web browser instead of the app, but you can confirm the current location, protect the device, and delete the device data. By accessing "" with a web browser and signing in with the Google account associated with the target device, you can operate with a screen similar to the "Find device" app.

However, if you insert a microSD card into your Android device, personal information may be leaked from the photos and various files saved there. If you can't find it, don't forget to report it to your mobile operator.

  • I left my Android smartphone somewhere !?

    Preparation is required to search for Android devices

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