I made a steampunk wooden kit "Marble Coaster"! You can't take your eyes off the Pythagora switch

Across the country gear Moe everybody, Hello. Transmission of power to a distant placePrimitive and romantic mechanism … Gears.I've been doing a lot of work to enhance my "home time", but I've come across a kit that is the closest to gears.

It's true that the power of physics and mathematics is working, but the writer of a natural literary art doesn't understand. However, if anyone just assembles according to the instructions,Steampunk and Pythagora switch worldCan be made. The medieval European automata [karakuri dolls] are sure to work like this!

I don't know what you're talking about, so let's start with what the finished product looks like.

・ "Marble Explorer" [3900 yen excluding tax]

When you turn the handle, the iron ball keeps rolling from top to bottom, then lifts back to the top and back down.A strange sight like an unmanned factory for automationSo you can watch it forever. This is a kit that you can make yourself.

The production period is 3 days. Careful attention to the assembly instructions and octopus at your fingertips will allow you to meet this graceful completion. I would like to tell you about the production process.

The package is really cool. A high-grade cardboard box with lots of gears designed to look great as a gift. Originally, it seems to be a product of overseas manufacturer Robotime, and Plaza Create Co., Ltd. is developing it under the brand "make it" with support such as Japanese instructions and assembly videos.

The main material is wood. It is a laser cut sheet that has become a standard item in recent work kits and can be easily separated from the frame.

The thickness of the board is different depending on the parts, and the calculation finally fits.

I had a little tool so I could work without a wrench or ruler. Cute like a toy.

・ Start work

Work while looking at the instructions. There is no text at all, and there are instructions that go with only universal illustrations that are in line with the spirit of LEGO.

No glue needed,Firmly fixed by the power of combining treesTo be done. Is it like the traditional technique of a Miya carpenter?

The target age is 14 years or older. Even if there are parents, I think it is difficult for children. The reason is that I use the flexibility of wood to assemble parts, but I have a great deal of force pushing parts into recesses, and the work procedure is not simple.

For example, there are some parts where you have to push parts in tightly until the unevenness disappears.

It is also necessary to work carefully to make sure that the context and position are correct while looking at the instructions.Feeling of always concentrating on the headIt is. For now, it's a kit that is quite "comfortable".

However, if you read the QR code, you can watch the support video of the official site in one action for the part that is difficult to understand.

Build a foundation by assembling a tree like Igeta. If you think it looks like something, it's the foundation of a house.

The first day ends when something like a tower is completed. There were so many work processes that I couldn't do it in a day.

・ From the second day to completion

On the second day, we finally started manufacturing the gears. Metal parts are also used for the shaft.

As an aside, gears are really cool.Ultimate functional beauty.Although it is in this shape because it is necessary, it is beautiful as a molded object and has a nostalgic atmosphere that is somewhat nostalgic.

Check if the gears rotate properly where necessary. It would be difficult if I later said, "I won't rotate!" Lubricating oil should be added to areas that are difficult to move. Already at this stageCharm that can be seen all the timeThere is.

Next to the gears is the rail part. It's like a pinball stand in a game center.

I thought it was quite advanced, but in fact there is still work to do.

Anyway, there are many parts. According to the package, it is 260 pieces.

I noticed it on the third day, but if parts do not fit in easily, try using the back of tweezers. If you push it with your hand like the author, your fingertips will swell up red.

Making a final course, a curved course.

Alright, put the last rail on and it's done!


There are too many parts !?

… I think it's a spare. Maybe so. I'm kind.

・ Let's move it!

I made a test drive at once … but I got caught somewhere. All the gears work together, so no matter how many times you try it, you don't know what caused it.

By chanceSpare partsThe cause? It turned blue, but I remembered that it was moving smoothly in the confirmation on the way, and I solved it by applying silicone spray liquid to the lift as a trial. Hot …….

Line up the balls at the lift.Throb……

Uh, it moved!

The balls are lifted one by one, pass through the gears, and reach the upper rail. Divided into two hands and dropped to the lower stage, reunited at the final corner and lined up again waiting for the lift.

Hmmm, it looks cool from everywhere. There seems to be a small factory in front of you.

As long as you keep turning the handle, the ball will circulate semipermanently.

It's a pity that I can't tell you about it, but it also has a mechanism that makes a sound effect that sounds like a chain is spinning.The atmosphere of "mechanics"Is very good.

・ Adult intellectual work

You don't need any special tools or knowledge, you can proceed according to the instructions, but it took a long time to check the number of parts and how well it works.

Moreover, in most cases, such work can only be understood by the person himself even if he / she fails a little, or there is room for disguising it later. But this kit is probablyIf even one place is wrong, it will not work."Well, good?" Doesn't work and mistakes are fatal.

It is not easy to remove the parts that have been fitted once, so it requires patience to work carefully one by one! However, the joy and sense of accomplishment when it was completed is amazing. As the name of "assembly puzzle" was, it was like a difficult puzzle to solve.

This time it's called "Marble Explorer", but there are three more types in the Marble Coaster series. If you have a lot of time and want to use your mind as much as possible, try it!

Reference link:I'm going

Report:Saya Togashi

Photo: RocketNews24.

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